Thursday, 12 March 2009

KLBC 2009/10

The new term has started. We were elected 2 weeks ago, and to day, KL Bar will call for the first meeting. We will know what portfolio to take. I am prepared to take any portfolio from the list given:-
1. Court Liaison
2. Criminal Practise
3. Social, Arts & Culture
4. Sports
5. Young Lawyers Committee
6. Pupils Welfare
7. Information Technology
8. Editorial
9. Environmental Law
10. Legal Aid (probably will be lead by current KL LAC Chair, Ravin Singh)
11. Professional Development 

So far since 2005, I had led the Young Lawyers movement in 2005-7, then asked to take care of Pupils Welfare in 2006 and last term was chairing Information Technology Committee.

The new Chairperson, Anand Ponnudurai will likely pick the leaders of each portfolio after hearing out who prefer to do which portfolio.

It would be another interesting year. My 5th year in KL Bar Committee. Time surely flies. I can still remember my speech when I sought the post of YLC Chair. Have not looked back since then. 

Lets hope this term will be better than before. 

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