Monday, 16 March 2009

Sedition, Suspension and Suppresion

Karpal Singh will be charged for Sedition tomorrow. Apparently this is due to his threat to sue Sultan Perak. How that can be sedition, beats me.

His son, Gobind was suspended by Parliament. Why? Because in Parliament, Gobind made comments that Najib is involved in Altantuya's death. He made the comments inside Parliament, during one of the Parliament session. Therefore he is protected by Privilege, to be able to speak freely inside Parliament.

But we can see what Malaysia will be getting into. With Najib coming into force, he wants to grip the country tighter so that he can control the Country. No effort to improve administration. No effort to have transparency. No effort to listen to the people. Just pure greed to control. 

But the tighter he tries to grip the Country, there will be more people who will slip away. His suppression will only led to his downfall. 

The UMNO led Government's current effort to clamp down on the opposition will only push the people further away from them. There is only one way to solve this problem - Change the Government!

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