Sunday, 8 March 2009

One Year already

Yes, Its already one year since that historic day, 8th March 2008. 

Since then we see BN particularly kelam kabut, trying to gain back votes with promise of change, but they are still the same. The last election at KT was clear proof that UMNO is still the same; the bully tactics, the scare tactics, and the money politics is very much UMNO way of doing things.

This is what happens when you have a group of people low on IQ, high on immorality and mediocre at best; running a Political Party which is ruling the country. We have seen the worst of UMNO this year. How they try to bully people to vote them back, and how they try to buy their way to people's heart. They continue to divide the Country by making racists statements. They continue to try to rule the country by separating our Malay friends from the other races. They continue to perpetrate corrupt practice and despite the formation of MACC, they have failed to carry out their promised crackdown on corruption. 

Am I am making sweeping statements here? Let's see my top 10 list on BN's failings:-
1. No IPCMC till now

2. VK Lingam is still out there

3. Eusoffe Chin is still out there

4. The policemen who whacked up Kugan and Francis Udayappan are still out there

5. Ahmad Ismail, the 'cina-pendatang' UMNO chap is still out there

6. Khir Toyo, the 'teresa-kok-babi' UMNO chap is still out there

7. new MACC, but same shit and same people. What are they investigating, people who receive Cows, investigate Perak Speaker etc etc. MACC is nothing more than new name, new uniform, but same shit. 

8. Sedition comments made in 2007 UMNO general Assembly, purportedly investigated by Police, but nothing till now.

9. The new 'saya-hanya-jaga-dalam-parlimen' Police, who is now confirmed to be UMNO's crony and uniformed gangster for UMNO. Instead of saving Malaysians, protecting the safely of the people, defending the security of the people, Police is more interested in taking care of UMNO. 

10. UMNO is about to elect a man clearly involved in a murder. We will be the coolest country in the world, how many countries out there have a murder conspirator/abettor/accessory as a Prime Minister?

So, I dont think I am making any sweeping statements. 

Now, Pakatan themselves, who I know are struggling to keep the fight going on as the States they controlled dont have funds from the Federal Government, have let me down a few times. 

Let me give my list on Pakatan:-

1. Zulkifli Nordin is still out there

2. Ibrahim Ali is still out there

3. Selecting Postman and some Camry-loving person to run for ADUN in Perak.

4. Till now, no shadow cabinet.

5. Jumping into the bandwagon during the Permatang Pauh election by giving Lee Chong Wei datukship. Clearly a political ploy. 

6. DAP Perak unable to keep things cool, with allegation of infighting etc etc. Not the best time for infighting when opposition needs to be strong.

No Top 10 for Pakatan, as I feel they have done fairly well despite they having little money and very little experience running a State. 

But clearly the villain of the country, for me, is still UMNO and to some extent BN. They have to go, and hopefully in a few years time, we get rid of them!

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