Sunday, 29 March 2009


I did it, after almost 30 years since I watch 'Esok Masih Ada' at the Grand Cinema at Ipoh, I finally watch my first malay movie since then; last Friday.

It was raining so heavily that nite, that I was not sure if i can make it to Cineleisure, but since I was there earlier in the morning to buy 13 (yes 13, I was appointed by Seira to buy tickets for 12 other lawyers) tickets, I thought; what the heck, just go. My hesitation was down to the fact that I was gonna watch a Malay movie, and after watching some local movies on TV over the years, I was not that excited.

If you watch Gerak Khas on TV, you would understand the apprehension to watch horrible acting and poor scripts. 

But this is a Yasmin Ahmad's Talentime. She, after all, gave us Sepet which I liked very much. I watched that on DVD. 

So, me together with 12 other lawyers walked into the cinema, and after 2 solid hours; I came out feeling wrong, proud and heartfelt. 

I was wrong - because Talentime is not a Malay movie, but a MALAYSIAN movie. It touched a few stories. The love between a young malay girl and a deaf indian boy. The love between a malay boy and her dying mum. The inner battle of a chinese boy trying to please his dad. And it had Harith and Jit Murad in it. Great recipe for a great movie.

I was proud - that Malaysians' can make a movie which can touch on social issues, related to religion, race and status. Talentime touched on the religion of the chinese lady maid, the race of lovers and the social status people placed themselves in. The movie tackled it well, and  effectively. The movie should be the official movie for the Human Rights Committee, if you ask me. 

It was heartfelt - because no one can honestly say that they left the hall without feeling emotional.  The scene of a dying mum hugged and loved by her only son, The scene of an indian boy promising his mum that he will leave the girl he love just to please his mum. The scene of a heart-broken sister, who saw her brother killed on his wedding day. They were all beautiful emotional scenes. 

I hope you will all consider watching the movie. Maybe I had low expectations before I watched it, but I am certain even with the highest expectations, you will still feel good after watching the movie. 

It would have been better had Yasmin chose to shoot the school scenes at St Michael's Instution, Ipoh instead of our old rival school of Anderson; but I suppose we cant get the best of everything. :)

Go watch it, and do leave a message after you have done so. We can share some comments about the movie.

In the meantime, applauds and bravo to Yasmin. What a movie! What a great MALAYSIAN movie!

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