Thursday, 5 March 2009

Terang Bulan

Perak's State anthem is called Terang Bulan. Our Negaraku is based on that song.

The moon over Perak is now no where near being 'terang'. Its cloudy times in Perak and definitely gloomy days ahead. The political and Constitutional fiasco there is truly getting out of hand. 

BN has chosen to get an Injunction against the Perak State Assembly when they got wind that the Assembly will pass a vote of no confidence against Zambry and gang. He claims he has the majority in the Assembly, but he is too afraid to face the Assembly. 

When BN took over Perak, they forgot about the Speaker. The Speaker is the most powerful chap in the State Assembly. He has the power to carry out many things in the Assembly, and whilst some of the stunts the Perak State Speaker has carried out is maverick and unchartered, but you got to give credit to that guys for having the guts to carry out what he does.  

Many of the things he does is not wrong. We are not sure if it is right, as almost everything in Perak today is unchartered with regards to Constitutional Law.

But I will say one thing - when the Constitutional law is unclear, and when there is ambiguity in the Constitution, the interpretation must lean towards the interest of the People. Why? Because we are a democratic state. In democracy, the voice and will of the People must prevail above all else. 

Hence why, despite the cock and nonsense we went through in the last 30 years or so under Mahathir and Pak Lah is something we had to accept as the majority of the people voted in the BN regime.

In Perak the last election showed the people wanted a non-BN government. So the majority's will must be respected. 

Back to the Constitutional aspects here - what is important is when the Court decides on matters related to Perak, the Court must take into account the views and will of the People. The Court represents the people conscious, and hold the keys of justice.  

Lets hope the Court will not be cowed by the intimidation of BN, particularly UMNO, but will rise to defend the interest of the people. 

May the Bulan be Terang in Perak again.

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