Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Why we must take back our country!

Ever since BN fell in a few states in the last election, we see the extremism in them or the BN-linked NGOs or people related to them. My last blog post was about that poor cow's head. But it is not just religious extremism we see. Let me just list down some of my favorites.

1. Syed Hamid Albar as Home Minister, arrested the Chinese Daily Journalist under ISA 'to protect her', while the hero who started the whole mess by calling "Chinese Pendatang", got away.

2. MACC investigates Tan Sri Khalid on cow gifts, but not checking out Khir Toyo with his HUGEEE house.

3. BN bitching about Anwar's proposal to invite BN MPs over to Pakatan, but did not carry it out; and instead we see BN induced 3 Pakatan Adun in Perak to withdraw from Pakatan. They are trying to do the same thing in Selangor and Kedah, I suspect by either buying off the Adun or using MACC to scare the Aduns

4. Attacking PAS for being extreme about the beer ban proposal in Selangor, but UMNO-linked NGO dragged a cow head about a Hindu Temple. How insensitive is that!?

There are a lot more examples I can give, which if I do, will only make this posting like a summary of events since March 2008.

But we can see the trend. The extremism taken by BN. The 'must-win-at-all-cost' attitude. There is no inner morality to take the country forward. There is no proposal for solution, but always an excuse for their failure.

Just recently at the Permatang state election, UMNO blamed the lack of voters turning up as the 'reason' for their defeat. Never mind that the UMNO-controlled Election Commission was the one who chose to have an election on a weekday, defying all logic that the election should be held on a weekend. We all know that UMNO is scared to have an election on weekends, as the outstation voters particularly those from KL, may fly back to vote against UMNO, like what happened on 8th March 2008.

Then we always hear of this mythical 'silent majority'. Every side claim to be the 'silent majority'. I dont intend to claim that, but instead I will claim the status of 'silently unhappy'.

I will say if I am part of the silent majority, who are silently unhappy - to ask my fellow unhappy friends to rise and take this country back. Take it back from the extremist. How, you may ask? Why easy, ignore these people. Put them in their place. Speak out. And if really really necessary, assemble peacefully to put your views forward as a group. Maybe a 3rd alternative party would be good. I have suggested this idea before, and I will continue to float this idea until such time the current political alternatives offers us the credibility, morality & honesty that we all crave for.

I would on the hand, say; if I am the silent minority, that we must do what we can to convince the purported majority of the illogicality that this Country is heading towards. We must convince the so-called majority that the country is heading to a meltdown. We cannot have a country run by extremists. And this would of course include PAS.

The people must prepare itself for the next election. Not to be swayed by the usual BN's tactic of boosting the share market to ensure we all have more money. Not to be swayed by the promise of the better tomorrow, when that was the promise given to us since the 80s but the promise remains unfulfilled.

We must take this Country Back, and this project starts NOW.

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