Monday, 14 September 2009

US Adventure 2009 - Monterey

Gilroy Premium Shopping

Pebble Beach

Monterey Coastal Town

A lovely coastal town just South of SF. About one hour drive from Soon Seng's place. We all visited that place on the 6th September.

Had a great seafood lunch, before we drove along the coastal road to visit Pebble Beach Golf Course. The drive was scenic, and as we had to drive thru a National Park from Monterey's Fishing Wharf to Pebble, the drive took a more nature feel from then on.

Pebble Beach is a world class golf course. This is the 2nd so-called famous golf course I've visited after St Andrews at Scotland, back in 2000. I still some Malaysian golf courses are as good if not better; but I suppose that is just the Malaysian in me, always thinking we have better things then everyone else.

Ended up at Gilroy Premium Shopping Area. Some really affordable stuff there. Even when I visited NY back in 2005, I already discovered that despite the currency change (RM3.5 to USD1), many things sold at US is still lower in price to Malaysia. Whilst I am not a 'shopping-kaki' but I have to confess; I fell for the shop-bug and bought some items for my family and myself.

Dinner was at California's 'In & Out' Fastfood restaurant. Good Burger. Unique thing about this restaurant - all their cups have Bible verses printed below it.

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