Sunday, 6 September 2009

US Adventure 2009

San Francisco International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport

The Plane. My Sitting partner is holding a burger. Can you Spot him?

Soon Seng's Home

Been in US since 5th September 2009. The trip started off hilariously when I (only) realised that the flight from KL to LA was gonna stop at Taipeh. I thought it was a non-stop direct flight.

Then at the plane, as I was about to get comfortable in my seat, came this chap sitting next to me (whom I later found out is an American Muslim with roots in Pakistan) reading a book with arabic verses... dont tell me he is another terro..... never mind.

By the time I arrived LA, I was too tired to think. Caught a connecting flight to SF and eventually after almost 24 hours of travelling, I was in Soon Seng's car. It was a relief to see Lisa and him (& of course their boy, Ryan).

Then I notice the big bulge on Lisa.. Dont tell me she put on THAT much of weight. It can only mean... "Lisa is pregnant, 6 months already..." said Soon Seng. OK, another mystery solved (haha).

Congratulations to Lisa & Soon Seng on their soon-to-come 2nd child.

I will put up short Blogs on the places I will be visiting. Look out for it.

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