Monday, 14 September 2009

US Adventure 2009 - San Francisco

The Thai Restaurant we visited for Lunch

The Tram at SF. Cool!

The crooked Lombard Street

GG Bridge with SS and son, Ryan

San Tung Restaurant. Good food!

On 7th Sept 2009, US celebrates Labour Day. So it being a holiday, Soon Seng & Lisa took me to SF city.

What a hilly city! We literally drove up and down in that place. Had lunch at a Thai restaurant. It is apparently the Wong Family's preferred makan place. But I must say, the food was tasty.

After a quick walk around Union Square in SF (where I got to see the iconic Tram of SF) we took off in Soon Seng's car to see the other part of the City.

We drove through the unique street of Lombard Street. It is a tiny narrow winding street, with houses beside it. It must the most crookedest street in the world.

Anyway, after driving around, came THE best moment, the drive on the Golden Gate Bridges. THE Icon of SF. It hovers over the San Francisco Bay, and the wind was strong. It's unique colour makes it more special.

We then drove to a nearby town of Sausalito which has a street which oversee the Golden Gate Bridge. Ryan had some ice creams, while SS, Lisa and I had coffee. Nice quaint town.

After taking more photos at a hill near Golden Gate, we had dinner at SF. This time at another Wong Family's favourite - San Tung restaurant.

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