Saturday, 29 August 2009

When all else fail, Cut the Cow Head and Stomp on it

News on Malaysian Insider showed a group on Malay residents in Section 23 Shah Alam protesting at the Selangor State Government office, after the State Government's decision to re-locate an Indian Temple to that area.

There you have it, the extremist amongst us, Malaysians. This is Mahathir Mohamad's good work. His 22 years saw him dividing the country by allowing, propagating & sometimes even inciting racial hatred amongst Malaysians. We now have a group of Malaysians, who insults another Malaysian purely because of the religion of that person.

I dont see this as an issue of a Cow's Head being stomped. I dont see this as a protest. I see this as the epitome of all things wrong in Malaysia. The typical racist taunts by a certain group of Malaysians. I can only imagine what would happen if a Indian or Chinese-majority residential group protest the building of a mosque; by (for example) burning a copy of a Quran. All hell would likely break lose.

In another report, Najib and Khairy is suddenly condemning this, calling the IGP to investigate. Hello Mr Najib, Hello Mr Khairy, see what your predecessor has done. See what your current Government continue to propagate. You have people like former MP Jerai, Badruddin who infamously in Parliament told all non Muslims to get out of Malaysia if the non Muslims dont like it here. The man with roots from India Ahmad Ismail calling all Chinese 'pendatang' and therefore should be treated 2nd class in Malaysia.

Everyone has obviously forgotten the UMNO 2006 General Assembly which was shown 'live' on ASTRO, where the UMNO delegates had a glee time doing a chinese-bashing.

Sometimes I feel as if some communities in Malaysia is so defensive, so worried and so scared about their race. All they think about is their race and religion. There is no out reaching thinking, no far thoughts, no progressive minds.

It does not help that UMNO and to a large extent, PAS; who continue to harp on this difference to win votes.

At the end of the day, our race is just that, race. 'Race' is a concept to explain the difference of colour skin and culture of people.

At the end of the day, religion is just that, religion. 'Religion' is a believe that people prescribe to. It is just that, a believe.

What must always matter is; Our survival as a community. Our progression as a Society. Our growth as a Country.

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Anonymous said...

Why no arrests made? I remember there were arrests made for people lighting up candles not too long ago.