Monday, 28 September 2009

US Adventure 2009 - Memories

Been back to work since Wednesday 23rd September 2009. The places I visited at US were great. My last stop was Houston, where my cousin and her hubby resides. We then drove to New Orleans. It was a 5 hour drive, but a nice scenic one. A part of the journey saw the highway build above the legendary swamps of New Orleans. 

To be precise, we were specifically visiting the French Quarters of New Orleans. Very similar to our Jonkers Street in Malacca, time seems to stand still there. Buildings build more than 200 years still stand and there were many nice quaint shops and restaurants. I particularly like the food there. It was delicious and different from the other American gourmet. 

I must thank my cousin and her husband for planning the entire trip out for me. They were really gracious hosts. 

They also just purchased a lovely home at Houston at West University. Very cosy and classy place. Kudos to them. All their hard work is slowly but definitely paying off.

Just before my sojourn to Houston, Soon Seng took me to Lake Tahoe for a nite camping. The lake was breathtaking. I was also lucky to visit Lake Tahoe when the weather was very accommodating. I camped out in a tent and slept under the pine trees of Lake Tahoe. It was bitterly cold and uncomfortable but I actually want to do it again. If I am back in US next time around, a night camping will be on my agenda. 

I also manage to squeeze in a day trip to San Francisco city and a tour of Alcatraz. I must say that SF has a charm to the place. You cant help liking it. I enjoyed my trip to NY back in 2005. NY was awesome and cool; but SF is live-able, warm despite the cold winds and lovely to walk around despite the hilly streets. If I have to chose a place to stay between NY and SF, I would rather stay at SF.

Seeing how Lisa and Soon Seng get on with their life, makes me feel proud of them; particularly Soon Seng. From a mahjong-king in his school days to a responsible and abled husband and father, Soon Seng has come a long way. I was telling my buddy Chow Hoong when we met last week, 'Soon Seng is not on his way anymore, he is already there'.

Till the next trip overseas, its back to Malaysia. Missed the roti canai when I was at SF.


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