Friday, 27 February 2009

The Thugs of UMNO Youth

The insidious attack of Karpal Singh at Parliament House yesterday by UMNO Youth members is deplorable and definitely unacceptable.

UMNO can criticize people for doing peaceful demonstration,  but just look at how they vent their anger and frustration. They are akin to small kids who just lost their lollipop. Reacting like spoilt brats. Their action yesterday vindicates what many of us feel about UMNO and UMNO Youth, that THAT party is nothing more than a party of thugs. 

If UMNO youth can act like that., can you imagine how these guys will be when they reach the level to lead this Country. 

It has been my view for a long time now, and I will repeat it here, that UMNO must be defeated. They are the epitome of all things wrong and all things bad in Malaysia. Their members are corrupt. Hishamuddin in an interview justify the money politics in UMNO as OK, since it is done in US too. He still dont see anything wrong in kissing a keris in a multi racial country. 

Their members are racists. Penang UMNO still feel that Ahmad Ismail calling all Chinese pendatang is OK, because he was merely venting his frustration. Funny, when HINDRAF complains of their frustration, they are sent in for ISA. But when Ahmad complains of Chinese as Pendatang, the reporter who reported the statement is arrested for ISA.

Their leaders are immoral. Najib declared 2 years ago that Malaysia is not secular and we are Islamic, but at the KT election assured the Chinese there that Malaysia is not an Islamic State. A man who's name is involved a murder and once said in an UMNO General Assembly that he has no qualms seeing a blood bath of the Chinese in Malaysia, is going to be a PM. He is apparently the best candidate UMNO can offer this Country. 

Surely Malaysia deserve a better leader. 

And yesterday, the Police was is the uniform Arm of UMNO again showed how un-neutral they are as when Karpal in a wheel chair was attacked, they said they only 'jaga dalam Parliamen' and not anything which happens outside. So we have a man on wheelchair attacked, our Police allows their paymaster the UMNO boys to attack Karpal. Real Champion Police we have. 

If Karpal was too much for calling UMNO Youth celaka for sending him a bullet, then deal with it in a proper and correct manner. Not attacking the man, especially since he is in a wheelchair. 

Come on UMNO Youth, be a man.. and if you cant understand English, let me say in a language which you may perhaps understand better (maybe the only language UMNO can understand);


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Tony Ng said...

You can at least train a dog to do a task; if not better - be a friend ... very true ... but, you can't educate a cat the same way - they're very self-centered and inferior.

By saying so, I'm not implying that we live with it. We stand for what is right and what is wrong ... ALL THE WAY !!!