Sunday, 15 February 2009

Everton FC

Over the last few days, I met some friends who asked me THAt question again - Why do you support Everton?

To be honest, I have no bloody idea. Back in 1985, I was only 12 then, we could only catch EPL, known as Division One English League then; on Sunday TV in a programme called "Big League Soccer". I recall then I was just beginning to understand football, though I play football all the time at school. I began to understand offside, fouls tactics etc etc. It is without doubt a great game. 

In 1985, Everton had a superb team. Andy Gray in front with Grame Sharpe. Peter Reid and Kevin Sheedy in midfield and Kevin Ratcliffe and Gary Steven in defence. And the best of them all, Neville Southall in goal. Everton won the Div One title, lost in FA Cup final to MU and beat Rapid Vienna in the final to win the defunct Cup Winners Cup. I immediately started to follow them. 

In 1986, came the player whom I followed till he retired - Gary Lineker. He was superb. He could not stop scoring goals, but unfortunately Everton finished runners-up in the League and the FA Cup, both to (of all teams), Liverpool FC. We could not play in the European Champions Cup (now known as Champions League) due to the Ban on English clubs in European football; after Liverpool fans attacked, causing the death of almost 40 Juventus fans in the 1985 Champions Cup final at Heysel. Too bad! Everton would have done well in the Champions Cup then. 

We won again in 1987, the Division One and another FA Cup in 1995. Since then, Everton went through a slump and nearly got relegated in 1997.

However, under David Moyes, Everton has done fairly well with the tight budget we got. Hopefully we will win some Cups soon, and qualify to Champions League more often.

But why I support them? I suppose it's a mix of blind loyalty since 1985, the fact they have been a fairly good team before and also the rich history the club has. 

But football, like love; sometimes makes no sense. We would support a club even logic will dictate that you should stop, especially when they are doing badly. But football fans the world over are loyal lots. We will stick to our team through thick or thin. I am one of them. 

Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 



leesh said...

That is one really big Everton pic!

Richard Wee said...

Big Clubs need Big Pictures