Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Silver Lining

Will there be a silver lining in Perak?

One must understand that legally the Sultan of Perak can accept the 'new' Government once it is confirmed that a certain group of people have the majority in the State Assembly. The King has that discretion. Here, BN has gone to Sultan Azlan with numbers indicating that they have that majority needed. So it makes sense to allow BN to form a new Government.

But I will never recognise this Government as it is not an elected one. It was not formed at the front corridors of the State Assembly Hall, but at the dark alleys of Politics. 

Notwithstanding what I said about the Sultan's powers, I am of the view that the King can call for an election when there is a hang Government. And that is what we have in Perak, a Government, hung by the very people we voted in.

That 2 Pakatan chaps, that UMNO-turn-PKR-turn-UMNO-again chap; and that lady from DAP must be remembered as betrayers of the people's trust. They have failed to do what we want them to do, which is to administer the State well.

Instead we have the 'I-never-met-Saiful-but-oh-I-may-have-met-him-privately', Mongolian loving Najib leading a coup in Perak. 

How long more can we go on with a bunch of self absorbing, self centred people who are thinking only about their pockets, to lead this Country. I just hope more right thinking people, with the appropriate moral background will rise to take the lead in this Country. Why we Malaysians love to shy away from taking care of our Country, beats me. We grew up here, We live here, We sometimes fall in love here, We cry when our Badminton team wins Thomas Cups etc etc, but we just wont take that extra step to administer our very own Independent State, our own Country. 

We must ensure that if BN takes over Perak, that they WILL fall at the next election, and they will fall legally, morally and appropriately.

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