Friday, 13 February 2009


“We don’t believe it is an act of revolt because we unanimously represent the people and respect the decision of the  president. We were elected as the people’s representatives because we were appointed and given the mandate by the president,”

"Kita berasa malu kerana negeri lain yang jadi pembangkang sudah ada Menteri Besar sedangkan Terengganu yang menang dua pertiga majoriti sehingga sekarang belum melantik Menteri Besar"

"Rosol had warned Ahmad that should he accept the Mentri Besar’s post, he would not only face the possibility of disciplinary action by Umno but risk a vote of no-confidence in the legislative assembly. He also warned that several assemblymen will resign their state seats to protest Ahmad’s appointment to force by-elections."

"...state Umno liaison secretary Datuk Rosol Wahid turned up at the palace to hand over to a palace official a letter signed by 22 Umno assemblymen protesting Ahmad’s appointment. The letter also insisted that Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh should be sworn in as the rightful Mentri Besar."

These are some quotes I got from news, back in March 2008 about Terengganu, when the Sultan then refused to appoint Jusoh as MB. In fact there were images of UMNO Assemblymen demanding to meet the Sultan to protest. 

What has UMNO done recently?? Demanding Karpal and gang to apologise and dont 'question' Sultan Azlan. 

What is happening in Perak, is where a Government fairly chosen by the people toppled by another party who benefitted when 3 members of the Governing Party switched allegiance. The toppled Government is unhappy over the Sultan's decision in allowing the formation of a Government which does not command the majority vote of the people of that State. 

It may not justify the protest and demonstration of the people against Sutan Azlan, but I am not here to justify that act, but to illustrate the hypocrisy that breeds in UMNO. Where it fits them they will use it to their advantage. Just 11 months ago UMNO was furious when Jusoh was not appointed by Sultan Terengganu. Yet thay can now say, 'respect the king' when they themselves showed no restraint when attacking the Sultan then.

If ever we wish to show our kids on how NOT to act, on what hypocrisy is.. show them UMNO.. they will understand. 

By the way, who's running the country while we go through this mumbo-jumbo in Perak?


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