Sunday, 1 February 2009

Another Passport Change?

I read this article, (see link above) and was amazed that we are going to spend more money to upgrade our passport. I can only imagine that someone somewhere is gonna make money out of this deal. 

The excuse - Too many people forging our passport to come into our Country. 

I dont have statistics on who are the usual suspects forging our passport, nor do I know exactly who uses the forged passport to enter our Country, but what I can say is this:-

1. Malaysia is a honey pot for millions of other South East Asian (SEA) residents, particularly from Indonesia and Philippines wanting to come here to work. Why? These SEA residents come to take up the work which we Malaysians dont want to do, for example, Cleaners, Helpers, Maid etc etc. A friend of mine like to say that 'Malaysian only want to be boss', and that statement rightly explain this situation. 

So, when less Malaysian want to do that kind of work, we have foreigners coming here to take up the job. Hence the craving for our passports. 

2. That a section of our Immigration Dept can be bought off, makes it easier to enter out country. The forged-passport holders would have the guts to come into our Country when we have a poor administration who are also corrupt. 

The Government must look at ways to solve this, not to issue a new passport. As usual, when they dont have the courage to solve a problem they move the goal post, and in this case; change the passport again. I would have to spend money again to get a new passport, and our Income Tax  will be going to some Government connected company who will likely buy this passport from another Country before selling it to our Government at a hugely increased price.

As always, I hope I will be proven wrong, and that my suspicion above will remain a suspicion. But knowing our Government... we'll see how-lah!

But on the point of cheap foreign workers coming to Malaysia to work, it denies the genuine Malaysians who wish to work as a Maid etc etc to get that job, for that Malaysian would now be deemed to be too expensive to hire. 

Let's hope we have a Government with the courage to solve this kind of things instead of sending people to Space.


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