Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

As more and more of my friends return to work; the excitement of CNY is beginning to subside. It is always good to catch up over CNY. Meeting family members, friends etc etc. Great holiday!

A usual ritual during CNY is the respect of superstitions and offering of prayers. Cant sweep floor; Cant wear black etc etc. One I enjoy is the time set to re-open your business. My ever loving mother would be my 'feng shiu' advisor, informing me what time to open, what day to open etc. She normally gets her advise from other 'feng shui' experts too. (Thanks mum) 

This year, we were advised to open office on the 3rd day on CNY between 7am to 9am. As I was still in Ipoh, poor Sunil had to wake up early that day and do the honours of opening the Office on the 28th January 2009. I on the hand, woke up early at Ipoh and offered some prayers at the exact same time. Pretty fun! 

I enjoy practising some of  these Chinese traditions. Some of which have been practised for hundreds of years, and it would be a shame if this generation fail to carry on what our ancient fore fathers have initiated and carried out. Some practise smacks against logic, but many have good valued reasons to carry out. 

On the night of the 8th day, as a Hokkien speaking Chinese, I had to offer prayers. For Hokkiens, the 9th day of CNY is considered our New Year. Legends have it that the Hokkiens were forced to hide in Sugar Cane Plantations for 8 days of CNY before emerging on the 9th day; to escape the attacks of enemies from North China. You may sometimes see some Chinese Homes having Sugar Canes tied to the front door. That home is probably a Hokkien Home.   

We are Malaysians, but should not forget our roots, for our past defines our present. 

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