Saturday, 1 August 2009

Civil Disobedience

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Civil Disobedience so long as it is organised properly and orderly. I dont support the PRO-ISA people but if they want to protest, I will support that right to protest.

In Australia and in UK, it is very common for the Police to work together with the Civil Disobedience movement to ensure order and safety. The protestors are normally very calm as they know the Police are around. It is like a give-and-take situation. 'You Let me protest, I will behave'.

In KL today, Police blocked roads indiscriminately and also arrest indiscriminately. They are suppose to work together with the Organisers to see what they can do, and had they done that, they need not cause such massive Jams all over town.

But in Malaysia, if you support the Government, you can have a massive 'Bersama Rakyat" Rally, aka the SEMARAK rallies. UMNO can have rallies and gatherings, but the moment people dont agree with UMNO, they use their cronies like the Police and MACC to abuse the laws and manipulate the system. Where is the fairness? From the selective prosecution of MACC and the lack of respect for the people in the GMI rally today, UMNO's inability to understand the people is clear to see.

Even if the Police is adamant that the people cant protest, they should use their Intelligence gathering skills to know where the protest will be held etc. Instead, despite the existence of SB and Serious Crime teams in the Police, they chose to block all roads in KL causing a Jam. The problem is the Police is too busy collecting monies from karaoke centres instead of collecting intelligence.

In the end, the Jam is caused by the Police and NOT the protestors. The truth is - the Police as part of UMNO's bigger scheme; wants the people to dislikes protests; instead UMNO wants people of Malaysia to be docile, obedient and listen to all they want to say.

Now, UMNO; I dont mind being docile and obedient to a Government if that Government runs the country with the People's interest at heart. If the Government properly use the people's money to help the poor and needy, make medical services easier and cheaper access etc etc; I will follow that Government. Instead, we have Khir Toyo who clearly whacked some money while in power; still free. VK Lingam is still free. 

UMNO - run the country with dignity and with integrity, then maybe, just maybe- the people will support you and stop these protests.

In the meantime, Mr Police - please check Facebook lah, the GMI protest plans are all over there; You can plan your traffic Blocks using that info, not just block the Federal Highway and all. Maybe we should just sack the IGP, if he cant even figure something so simple out.

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