Monday, 3 August 2009

Nicol David - The GOAT?

When I say 'GOAT' I am not referring to that farm animal. Its an acronym for 'The Greatest Of All Time'.

Whilst KL was gripped by the Water-Gun-Happy-Police antics, quietly at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara Nicol David won the 5th Malaysian Open Ladies Squash Finals.

I think many Malaysians have totally ignored her prowess and her talent. We only complain about her when she loses; but I feel Malaysia may not realise yet; that we are a citizen of a Country, which has the World's BEST Ladies squash player.

Nicol has been going about her business in winning, quietly and efficiently. Perhaps she excelled because of that. If the Goverment was too involved in her progress, she may not have made it. I recall the Government had sponsored some of the training stints; but as a whole her training and costs have been largely private sector driven. Her family has also been extremely supportive.

It goes to show, when a talented Malaysian is given the proper guidance and support; and if the Malaysian has a strong will; the Malaysian can be the best.

I hope you would take a step back and look at Nicol's achievements. From winning the Junior World Championships; to winning the Malaysian Open and British Open, she is to me, the GOAT of Ladies Squash.

Congratulations on your latest win; and keep in up Nicol!!


AnGeLiNe said...

Congrats Nicol! She has indeed made us CGL-lians (Convent Green Lane)proud. I think I have a picture of me and her somewhere..hmm must dig it out.. Haha..

Ezra Ali said...

I Love You, Nicol !