Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hishamuddin loves ISA?

Home Minister recently warned the people of demanding to abolish ISA. In the report in Malaysian Insider, he was quoted to say:-

"Even the United States already has its Patriotic Act, the United Kingdom the Anti-Terrorism Act, and in Melbourne (Australia) recently five Somalian terrorists were caught.

"(But) some of us have chosen to waste time in the streets protesting the ISA. Other countries, meanwhile, are trying to strengthen their relevant laws (to deal with security threats), but we already have a specific law to deal with the problem.

"Janganlah kerana marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar (don't burn the whole mosquito net because the mosquitoes annoy you),"

I wish to ask him the followings:-
1. What is "Patriotic Act"? Isn't it Patriot Act? Perhaps being a MINISTER, what more a HOME MINISTER, perhaps he should check his facts and get his names right before he opens his mouth. But maybe because he was at UMNO function, by symbiosis the air of obtusity overwhelmed him. It is common to say incorrect somewhat obtuse statement when surrounded by UMNO people.

2. Perhaps he can explain how the Journalist arrested last year under ISA, was a 'national threat'? If he can give me a credible, intelligent and acceptable answer, then I may withdraw my support for the abolishment of ISA. 

3. As for the 'nyamuk' and 'kelambu' example, my query is - Is he referring to himself as the 'nyamuk', cause it is quite apt actually?

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