Monday, 10 August 2009

And let the Games begin..

When I was watching the Community Shield match on Sunday 9th August 2009, I wished Everton was involved. For that to happen, it would have meant Everton had to win the FA Cup final back in May. Unfortunately that 2-1 defeat to Chelsea meant the team in blue was not Everton, but Chelsea instead.


We ended last season feeling a little low after that FA Cup defeat; and the summer has not been exciting either. Everton has been quiet in the transfer front again. Just like last season, David Moyes have not brought in many quality players, except for Jo on loan from Manchester City. City on the other hand, is buying every person who can kick a ball. With the wealth they have, it is unsurprising that they flex their muscle to buy players.


But I must caution Manchester City fan out there that history have shown clubs on a spending spree, have not necessarily done well. When West Ham were buying Scott Parker, Kieron Dyer etc a few years ago, many thought that West Ham would be the team to beat. But they did not do well and now have lost their billionaire owner. Newcastle too, a few years ago bought almost an entire new team (Duff, Emre, Scott Parker etc) but they sunk (sorry for the pun) badly. Spurs too will buy buy buy every year, but they then go bye bye bye to the race for Top 4. Maybe this season Spurs will finally rise again.


People tend to forget too that Chelsea did not immediately win trophies when Roman bought them. Before the Special One went to Chelsea, they did well, but fell short of winning Cups. After 2 years of Roman power; they started to win under Mourinho.


So, money does not guarantee success. Teams must build itself, and once built, the Team must sustain itself. Teams who soar too fast, can easily fall. I have the believe that Everton has that kind of team. A team of motley crew with a few talented players who plays at a 110% capacity every game.


Of course, I wished Everton would have that kind of money like Man City too, but I suppose we are just not lucky enough to attract investors. Till then, we just have to make do with what we have, and hope we do well.


Just like early last season, I am hoping we can break into the Top 4. Nothing against Arsenal, but I think Everton can overtake them for that spot. Once Arteta, Yakubu and Jagielka returns, it would be like new signings for Everton. We should be able to hold our ground and target that lofty position.


In the meantime, Mr David Moyes, please buy a few more quality player. Rafael Van De Vart perhaps?



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