Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Save money, change your lifestyle, Buy a Merc

Welcome to the Malaysian way of saving Money. All the Countries in the world should learn from the UMNO led Malaysian Government who has demanded its Malaysian to save money, and live within our means... and yet went out to buy not one, but 14 E-class Mercedes Benz.

And instead of selling these Mercs off, and suffer a small loss, the Cabinet has instructed that the 14 Mercs be used for Guests. 

These Terengganu government is a true people champion. They really want to make sure that they can serve the people in style, by arriving in a Merc. 

Their excuse - The Proton Perdanas were to expensive to maintain. A look at the figures quoted in the Papers will arouse suspicion. How can a Perdana cost more than RM100,000 to maintain??

But our UMNO led government is too thick to understand the people's plight. They have been in power far too long, where abusing public funds is a secondary nature. 

And one wonders if the recent announcement by the Terengganu Istana that the King shall not be giving out any awards, has anything to do with this latest fiasco by the State Government?

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Prav said...

that's Malaysian economics for you. Only in Malaysia can this happen.