Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Debate

That Shaberry Cheek is a fraud. He did not answer direct questions from the floor, and continued to personally attack Anwar. He has justified by saying that he was attacking Anwar's manner of running the Finance back in 1997, and that is not personal attack If that is not a personal attack, I dont what is that lah?

But Shaberry is classic UMNO politician - not smart, not sharp and at best, an average joe.

He was aked about what the Government has done when they first increased the petrol price in 2005/06? The Government then claimed that they will use the savings from the subsidy not spent on petrol on building roads and improving the transport system. What was done since? I dont see anything and definately have not enjoyed any new and better public transport in KL.

Now we have the petrol shooting up to RM2.70 per litre. So we save more subsidy now... what are we doing with that subsidy money?

Answer that lah, Shaberry. Only in Malaysia can we see, the appointment of half past six people as Minister.

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