Thursday, 17 July 2008

Anwar v UMNO

The political fight between UMNO and Anwar will only destroy the Country. But what can we do? We have allowed one party to stay in force for too long, to the point this people will do anything including re-surrecting this sodomy charges against Anwar, in order to stay in power.

UMNO is filled with greedy and self serving people a the top end of it's hierachy. For a long time, Malaysia has allowed business to mix with politics, and what do we get now? A concoction of poorly managed Corporations filled with self serving people. The Corporate members are from BN, mostly from UMNO. Can we get rid of these people?

UMNO breeds mediocracy. They have fashioned a country where it is OK to be average. And that attitude is now deeply entrenched in the Government. Public Service is poor and our Tax money is wasted on incompetent and lazy Staff.

Why ramble about all this, you may say? Well, what can Anwar do even if he takes over? UMNO has the Corporates in their pocket. The Public servant is an exact reflection of UMNO's average base system.

Hope is the only thing we have for this Country. Hope that we can get out of the clutches of mediocre self serving politicians to politicans who actually work and serve the Country. I am hoping...

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