Monday, 28 July 2008

Malaysian Medical Science

The world of Medical Science should move their base to Malaysia. The 'scientific' disclosures in the last few weeks have been startling to say the least. Let us see some of the recent revelation:-

1. Our Prime Minister asks Anwar to give a new DNA sample because the sample cannot be used. I am trying to figure out how one's DNA can change? 

2. A man sodomised a few months ago, after medical tests can STILL show that this man was sodomised. Wow! Must have been one hell of a ride for this patient. After so many months, and his ass can still show the Doctors that he was sodomised. 

3. A medical report a few hours before a person lodged a police report that he is sodomised, indicates that there are NO evidence of sodomy... but a few days later, in another medical test, the sodomy 'indications' appear in the 2nd report. 

See... i told you. Malaysia is truly the new centre of medical science

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