Monday, 7 July 2008

Messrs Richard Wee

On 1st July 2008, I left my former partnership and started a new firm, Messrs Richard Wee. New office is at No 70, Jalan Sri Hartamas 18, Sri Hartamas, KL.

As in any new office, many things still to sort out. Particularly irritating is the streamyx. Horrible and ineffective service from Telekom. The technician came to set up the Streamyx since 2nd July and till today, its still not up. Calls to Telekom ... fell on deaf ears.

As I did set up my own firm before in 2003, this 2nd venture is not new, though the excitement and the adrenalin of beginning another set-up is still high.

see my other Blog, where I archive some of my earlier articles. Will be placing more articles there once I finished them-lah.

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Noreen said...

Hey, congrats on ur new firm ric and good luck. :-D