Tuesday, 13 May 2008

UMNO is hypocrite

UMNO is making so much noise about Karpal Singh's legal opinion on the sacking of the Islamic DG in Perak. Perhaps Karpal should have been a tad more restrained in the way he said what he said, but in my view there is absolutely nothing seditious about what he said.

All he tried to do was to explain the position of the law in that matter. What is wrong with that? Of course, as I mentioned earlier, perhaps the way he said it could have been a tad more diplomatic, but one is not charged for sedition just because one is not diplomatic.

But UMNO is a major major hypocrite. Just a few months ago UMNO 'threaten' to boycott royalties in Perlis and Terengganu. At Terengganu there was even a show of protest when the Sultan made his Highness' choice of Menteri Besar, the very power to chose, which UMNO suddenly tries to complain against Karpal.

This is what happen when a political party have been running on racial issues, without intellect and logic. They suddenly cant re-model itself to think, and to argue with some level of common sense.

I just hope they can improve themselves. The only way I see them improving is sacking 90% of their top people.

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