Thursday, 8 May 2008

Knee Jerk by Rais Yatim

I was reading this comments by Marina Mahathir. I dont agree with all her commentaries, but I am in agreement with this particular write up of hers:-

Rais Yatim's proposal (and now amended proposal to ladies below 21 years) is poor in judgment and even if the Minister had genuinely thought out this plan, shows the lack of quality in logic and decision making.

How Rais Yatim can even propose this kind of proposal beats me. A Minister is one person who should smarter than most of us, or at least know how to manage the Country than most of us. His proposal that ladies below 21 years in age carry same kind of consent letter from their parents and/or employers indicates a lack of respect for the maturity of our ladies.

If Rais is so concern over the arrests of our Malaysian ladies all over the world for being the Bag Carrier of drugs, the one good way is to educate the people, to expose the people to the issue at hand, and start a campaign to create awareness on this issue. Maybe he wants to avoid this course of action, as my proposals here would mean he has to actually work, something some Ministers may not be used to.

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