Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Raja Petra's arrest not appropriate

I personally feel the recent arrest of Raja Petra is not appropriate. Again the Sedition Act is used to try censure free speech. I've read that article "Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell" and I disagree that there is any seditious remark there.

Ironically Raja Petra is charged in KL Court, on the very day the KL Bar Blog is officially launched. That is a Blog where a Committee I lead, the Information Technology Committee of KL Bar, helped to set up and launch on 6th May 2008. There we have the KL Bar Blog, celebrating the dawn of new age technology, embracing this wonderful tool of communication and the freedom it endows its contributors. But instead we see attempts to shut down this right to free speech by the power at large.

In history, the 'Sedition Act' is primarily used to put down plots against the Government. In the USA, the "
Sedition Act of 1798, gave federal authorities the right to prosecute any individual suspected of plotting against the federal government. This Act also allowed a provision that made it a criminal act to speak or write maliciously of the president or of Congress, which was defined as “with the intent to defame” or to bring either “into contempt or disrepute.” "(excerpt taken from http://www.illinoisfirstamendmentcenter.com/history.php).

Which part of Raja Petra's comments is a danger to the government?

I truly condemn this act by the Government. I deem it to be an act of a tyrant, bullying its subjects.

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