Friday, 30 May 2008

Almost 100 days

It's been almost 100 days since March 8th's General Election.

I see that the State run by the Pakatan Rakyat Parties are doing fine and in fact are unearthing the fantastic cover jobs of the former administrators.

Penang's State Government has disclosed the many suspicious projects. Hopefully they will be reviewed.

Perak State Government has already started issuing Land Titles for houses that were waiting for the same, for more than 30 years.

Selangor State Government is slowly but definately taking on one issue at a time and thus far, they look good!

Kedah and Kelantan is peaceful and all seems fine there.

So the myth that only BN can run the States is nothing more than that - a myth.

I just hope Pakatan Rakyat wont let the people down and start getting seduced by the power that they have.

In the meantime, what has the BN states done? What has the Federal BN government done? Other than bickering, and having investigations on snoop squads, what have they done for the Rakyat?

Petrol price is going up. Why only look at subsidy? Look for alternatives. For example - for vehicles, look at importing hybrid cars at lower taxes. Encourage people to buy these cars.

Industries using fuel? The Government can try to assist these Industries by encouraging a alternative powers like electricity or even nuclear.

Lets hope the 100 days will go on for another 1000 days for Pakatan Rakyat States. I am hoping they can spur accountability and transparency in governance.

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