Friday, 9 May 2008

Another death at the National Service

The Government might as well re-named the "National Service" to "Death Service".

How many more deaths at the NS must our government take action.

If we want to do this NS project, do it properly. The current half-bake NS centers sometimes resembles a Detention Center. The Young Malaysians who have passed away at this NS is a major loss to our country. If the NS did not exist, these Malaysians may still be around.

The NS was nothing more than our government knee jerk re-action to some youth problems a few years ago. Typical of this UMNO-led government, the style and exterior outlook is more important than contents and substance. It looks so obvious from where I am sitting that all the Government wanted to do was to have this NS, without any proper study and poor poor implementation. The feeling I get is that this Government dont care for the people. The countless loss of live has not sufficiently daunt upon these people in Putra Jaya. Maybe, only if someone they are related to dies, would these chaps do something.

Whilst the concept of NS is noble, but if this Government still take a lackadaisical attitude to the NS, I am certain more unfortunate incidents will continue to happen. More lives may be lost.

The approach now is:-
1. look at the standard of living at these Centers, and improve it;
2. review the quality of the trainers and the contents of the training;
3. take the whole exercise more seriously.

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