Wednesday, 16 March 2011

To Protect & To Defend

Took Office at Bar Council on Saturday. It was a new experience. After 6 years at KL Bar, the 1st meeting at Bar Council was a little different. 

We wont know which Committee we will lead, though I have indicated that I am keen to help out the National Young Lawyers Committee. 

It is my hope to deal with the Policy issues troubling the Bar; and help to defend & protect the Bar. Some issues which need addressing now, is the KPI at Courts and now the nonsensical e-filing, also at Courts. At the BC, I hope to instigate change in the mindset of the BC members; particularly the Office Bearers to focus more of the needs of the members.

However, the interest of the people must also continue. I am not at all suggesting to stop concentrating on important public related Committees like Legal Aid, MyConsti & Human Rights. But the BC, particularly must look inwards to the Bar before dealing with public issues. The perception (rightly or wrongly) of the members is that BC is weak (particularly in KPI issues). 

Of course BC have carried out many successful projects like the Yayasan for Legal Aid, the MyConsti campaign etc. But we can do more especially to protect the profession.

Anyway, no use writing and talking of this stuff if one cant do the work. I hope to carry out whatever work I can instead of just talking & promising. 

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