Sunday, 20 March 2011

BC : Fund raising for Japanese Tsunami victims?

Dear readers,

Will have the letters "BC" on title of postings which relates to the Bar Council from now onwards.

As BC continue to sort out the KPI Resolution and also the fiasco of e-filing at Courts, a proposal to set up a fund-raising campaign for the victims of the Japanese tsunami, was put forward to BC. BC will meet this Tuesday at 3pm. This issue may be discussed at that emergency meeting.

The emergency meeting is called as BC try to finalise the push to dismantle some aspects of the KPI system at Courts. There have been some positive breakthrough with the CJ & gang. By Monday (21/3/2011) BC may issue a press release on this. 

The e-filing issue is also being sorted out. Unfortunately many BC members dont have sufficient information about the e-filing to propose changes or amendments. However a common theme amongst the BC members is to propose a temporary halt of the e-filing system until such time the Courts get their house in order for that.



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