Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Our Country

Our Country continue to fall deeper into an abyss of Immorality &; Impropriety, when we have High Court decisions allowing usage of a DNA which was improperly obtained but deem appropriate merely because the arrest of the person is lawful.

Our Country continue to see the corruption of the mind and soul of young Malaysians with sex scandals merely to get rid of 1 man. Where the laws are clear that to produce or to show pornographic material is illegal; Instead the producer or person showing the video is protected; and the actors in the video is imputed.

Our Country continue to be plundered by people who deem power & money to be the ultimate end product of governance; when in fact a government is to inspire & lead the people to a better country. 

Our Country continue to be seduced by those in power with promised money from overseas, projects, & developments. The infrastructure &; economy of a country is the primary objective of a modern Country; but no amount of money can cure the destruction of morality &; integrity amongst the people. 

Dear friends, we MUST take Our Country back from the immorals &; the corrupters.

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