Saturday, 5 March 2011

Regulate Will Writing Enterprise in Malaysia

This is a proposed motion to be tabled at the 65th Malaysian Bar AGM on 12th March 2011.

roposed Motion calling upon the Government of Malaysia to regulate the Will Writing Enterprises in Malaysia.  

Recognising the fact that writing a Will is a crucial and significant, financial and personal decision that someone may make;

Recognising the need to protect consumers keen in engaging Will Writers in Malaysia;

Recognising the current practise where Will Writers may not be necessarily legally trained.

The Motion:-
The Malaysian Bar calls upon the Government of Malaysia to effectively regulate the Will Writing Industry in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Bar calls upon the Government of Malaysia to impose a rule that a Will Writer ought to have Legal Qualification, as a minimal standard;

Alternatively the Malaysian Bar suggests that the Government of Malaysia conduct Trainings and Courses leading to a Diploma or Certificate in Will Writing, which may be held at our Institutions of Higher Learning; to train the current and future Will Writers.

                 Dated : 3rd March 2011 

1 comment:

Kit said...

I'd just blogged about the dilemma I'm facing in choosing the will writer and stumbled upon your post. Will definitely support the proposal. All the best!

Hey, if I do take the road of becoming a will writer myself, will certainly appreciate the legal training :)