Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tranformers 2 : The revenge of the Fallen

Finally watched Transformers 2. KL Bar organised a 'Movie Nite' at Pavillian's GSC. Led by Janet Chai, the event was well organised and we had a full house at the Cinema. 

The movie? Great action. The Transformers were super cool. I loved the sound effect. But (you know there will be a "But" from me), I felt there was an overdose of fight scene.

The story line will always not make much sense. Like for example, after the Fallen arrived on Earth and threaten to destroy Earth, people were still seen 'lepaking' around towns etc. I would imagine people would be panicking. I know some of you would say, 'It from a cartoon-lah, of course the story line wont make sense'; but Michael Bay chose to use real life character in his movie, like identifying the President as Obama, and referring to the H1N1 flu in the movie. So when one use real life examples in a movie, then the Director would have to make the movie a little more realistic i.e. if someone threaten to destroy Earth, the people must show some sense of panic. But I accept that flaw, it is afterall; a movie based on Toys and Cartoons.

All in all, good show, good action and Megan Fox (need I say more?)..

Friday, 26 June 2009

Of Good Food, Good Place & Good Company

The fabulous Pork Burgers

The Oreos and Ice Cream

Nasi Lemak Goreng, with Bacon

In recent months I have been frequenting this restaurant at Avenue 8, PJ; Cristang. Its actually a Portuguese Restaurant.

They serve, probably the best Pork Burger ever. Also they have a few other special dishes, like Nasi Lemak Goreng with Bacon, Pork Ribs wrapped with Bacon etc etc. They have pretty good desserts too. Last Wednesday we had Oreo's with Cristang made ice cream, with a dash of mint sauce.

Every Wednesday, the Pork Burger is going at 20% discount, and last Wednesday, we had a gathering of over 10 people, mostly lawyers, there. It was also a farewell dinner for the Firm's outgoing attachment student, Sarah.

All in all, good food, good place & good company. Hmm, may just go for a round of Pork Burger later.


Stumbled upon this short story in YouTube. Watch it. And Smile

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Scandal - uncut & uncensored

RM12 billion...  give that to any of us, we probably cant finish spending it in a lifetime, but that was just how much our Government lost in the Port Klang Free Trade Zone Project.

And Najib, with his rethoric for KPI in the Government is as usual, talking cock. For when it matters most, he is not delivering. Parliament, after arm twisting by Pakatan, formed a Committee (Public Accounts Committee) to investigate the scandal, but we have a useless MACC head, chosen by Najib's predecessor who has refused to reply to any question during the PAC hearing. 

The MACC head, some Datuk guy, Ahmad Said refused to answer the questions posed. This is the same guy who was so gung-ho against Tan Sri Khalid, Selangor MB, when MACC declared that the Cows given to Selangor government during Hari Raya Korban, and MB's private car, will be investigated by MACC.

Lembu & Kereta, he get excited, but RM12billion, he senyap. 

Despite the uncut & uncensored evidence of loss of public's money, the characters involved in the scandal is not arrested yet. 

I want you, yes you, who is reading this to Remember - that the RM12 billion lost is the Rakyat's money, Country's money, Our money.

Remember - that it was BN who lost that money.

Remember - that we as the people, dont know what happened to that money.

Remember - not to vote for BN. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The 2nd One

The 2nd Charity Nite was at Co-chine Restaurant, Bar Savanh; held on a Thursday of 27th July 2006.

Charity Nite then, was held on Thursday, partly because it was difficult to book a top restaurant/club on a Friday. Our bargaining power was weak. To go to places like Bar Savanh or Hard Rock and ask to book the whole place on a Friday, with a "mere" crowd of 200-300 people was not enough. Coupled with our request that the place give our members 2 free drinks and some food, for below RM30, it is obvious we could not get the preferred Friday nite.

But the 2006 Charity Nite was the turning point of many things to come. For a Thursday nite event, 428 people were there that night. The hugely successful KL Bar Idol was held for the very 1st time. In a discussion with a close friend, I had suggested that we copy the American Idol format, except every singer is given a donation box. My friend thought it was a great idea. The person who collects the most donation, wins; whilst all the money go to Charity. The result : a massive RM20,000 collected that nite. 

We had an audition, and we nervously waited for people to sign up to sing. By this time YLC has swelled from 12 - 15 of us to 50 over committee members; and we all held our breath to see if any lawyer would ever sign up to contest in our own Idol. A "Plan B" was in place, in case we dont get the necessary numbers to sign up to sing. Plan B was never used. For 13 lawyers signed up to try be the 1st KL Bar Idol. 4 finalists were chosen, and Mark Ho & Izral's Band (The Thin Izzy) would back up the singers. 

The 4 finalists continue to train and I had the honour to watch in one of the sessions and even took part singing too. 

In the end, the KL Bar Idol winner were all the 4 finalists who gave it all and the lawyers who turned up; loved it. 

YLC then knew, we now have the product and numbers to move the event to Friday and in 2007, under Dipendra, Charity Nite was held at Maison, on Friday. 

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Marang Incident - Part Three

The day started in darkness at 430am. Woke up early to catch the 705 am flight to KT. I got to go Marang, again.

Back in April, I blogged twice (in one day) about this trip. Then, after flying off early in the morning, I came to know that the PO was on leave that very morning, at the Marang Court.

Today, the Trial went on. Cant really talk much about the trial as it is still going on (Sub Judice), but I feel the tide has turned against the Police today, and the Magistrate looks prepared to acquit my client.

Trial finished at 430pm, and we (Yip, the Pupil & I) were back at KT airport by 530pm. Flight was slightly delayed and finally took off at 945pm. After dinner and all, arrived home at 1245am. 

The day ended, in the same way it started, in darkness. Bloody tired.  

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Happy Birthday Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi was democratically elected in an election in 1990, but the Burmese Army nullified that election and instead, placed her under House Arrest.

It is amazing that the United States wanted to "liberalize" the Iraqi from Saddam, with a swift attack on Iraq; but for 19 years, only barked at Burma and not done anything more. No Oil in Burma, I guess?

Having said that, I would not condone a military action ala-Iraq to free Suu Kyi, particularly from a 3rd party force. Even though UN have taken steps to persuade the Burmese regime to let her go, but to no avail; usage of force to cause freedom should be the very last option. 

In recent years, even the Buddhist Monks have risen and protested the Army Junta's treatment of Suu Kyi.

Despite that, I feel the Law (and not guns) should be used to bring the Generals of Burma to Justice for their misdeeds in Burma. Perhaps the International Court of Justice should (if possible) issue a warrant of arrest, to arrest the generals of the Burmese Army for Human Rights atrocities and the rape of Civil Liberty in Myanmar. 

Today, Suu Kyi celebrates her 64th Birthday. Happy Birthday! As far as I am concern, you are the true leader of Burma, not some gun-trotting, imperialist army of that country

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Banana, The Bandana & The Ban

I sometimes dont understand how banana can be part of a certain cuisine. The attempt to fuse food can results in odd and funny food, like Curry with Banana (not the leave, but the fruit). 

And just like that weird food, I also dont understand Nizar. 

Now, dont get me wrong. I have grown fond of him since he was selected to be Perak MB. He seems to be a nice chap, with the ability to work together with many people. My friends in the Perak Government also have nice things to say about Nizar, and these are DAP people. 

But, Nizar, please-lah. Enough with the antics. First the Hunger strike, which I thought was just a drama, and now this Bandana hulaboola at Parliament. He must have set the worlds fastest record in getting suspended and Ban; after being sworn into Parliament.

We all know Pakatan was wrongly done. We all saw the video of some Policemen dragging Sivakumar out of the Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN). We all saw how swift "justice" was, when UMNO overturned the High Court decision in the Court of Appeal. 

So, enough-lah. I know you want to continue to harp on this issue, in case Malaysians forget, after all Malaysians have a tendency to forget about the cock-ups of BN and proceed to forgive them by voting BN in time & again. We know you want to prove a point by the Hunger Strike and now this Bandana thingy. 

But there are better more intellectual and effective ways to appeal to the people. Malaysians are not living in a Cave no more. With internet and text Messages services, people can communicate easier and better. 

I would suggest, to sustain your campaign to ensure the Perak incident is not forgotten, just form a new shadow State Executive (which should be the exact same people who were the Excos before Pakatan fell in Perak) & check on Zambry. 

Zambry is bound to make a mistake. He is from UMNO, UMNO always makes mistakes. From the silly racists comments, to the cover-up of corruption, other than the guarantee than the sun will rise from the East, I assure you; UMNO will make mistakes. So just make sure your shadow cabinet be there to keep an eye on them. If they make an error, harp on it and inform us, Malaysian.  That alone suffice to 'remind' people of what they miss. 

So, enough-lah Nizar. Start working. Be the real MB Perak and keep and eye on Zambry for us all. 

In the meantime, where is the MACC head in the PKFZ issue? In issues relating to Cars and Cows he acted like Flash, but now the turtle's head has not appeared from his shell, despite damning evidence against BN's government. 

Monday, 15 June 2009

The 1st one

It's the 5th one. Cant believe it, it's already 5 years since the 1st one was held.

It's still fresh in my mind how skeptical people were when the idea was floated. There were even comments from members of KLBC back then that we would be lucky to get 50 people there. KLBC was supportive, but they were skeptic as well.

So we worked very hard. There were only a few of us back then. The Committee was rather small. I must also say, that even amongst the Committee, some were also skeptical. I cant blame them. It was done for the first time, and history showed that many events organised by the Bar was attended by no more than 100 people, except for the Annual Dinner.

I am of course referring to the Charity Nite, back in 2005. (link to photos in 2005)

We had no band till around 2 weeks before the event when I met Mark Ho & Izral who so kindly agreed to perform at the Nite. They had a band. And I knew they were good. And also, I must confess, they were kind enough to do it at no fee, purely to support the YLC at that time. I will always be obliged to that Band. 

Then came ticket sales. By the time it was a week away from the event, more than 150 tickets were sold. YLC were stunned. We were on the verge of the biggest event ever organised by YLC. 

We had silent auctions that nite, some lawyers were singing after donations were made with express wishes that so & so had to sing etc etc. Door gifts were given out, courtesy of Ms Teh Yoke Hooi's assistance who had sourced for some shavers to be given away. 

Souled Out was chosen. Very nice of Fred, the owner of Souled Out, to donate a DVD player that nite, which was auctioned off. 

The Home adopted that year, was the Stepping Stone Home, a place for under privileged kids. Some of the kids from that Home also performed that nite, and Pastor Johnson, the guardian of the Home gave a short speech too.  

We had no webreporters then. The Malaysian Bar website was fairly new and not so popular yet. Poor Roger Tan, not only had to take photos but to draft the webreport too. Far cry to what we have now, where virtually every YLC event has an appointed webreporter amongst the Young Lawyers. 

In the end, almost 300 people turned up that night, and more than RM7,000 was collected. People went back happy and the YLC found a new found confidence and challenge. YLC then embarked on many other projects from then on. 

This year we will see the 5th YLC Charity Nite at Modesto's Capital Square on the 3rd July 2009.

See you there!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Police & Your Rights - Part One

Was interviewed by Malaysia Kini a few weeks ago, relating to the REDBOOK. A joint effort of & Kini, many questions were posed. I hope this will assist the Public to better understand your rights.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Haze

'The Haze', the title of this posting. Sounds like a horror movie title, by the producers of 'Friday the 13th, Part 67'.

But it is horror to our Country. The Haze is truly back. Like the monsoon at the end of the year at the East Coast. Like the Sun rising from the East, the haze is now our annual event.

Seriously, this is just unacceptable. What is our Government doing to stop this? Every year it happens and yet we dont do anything positive to stop this. I recall a few years ago, when the Haze was around, our Government suggested that the haze was caused by Malaysian Companies burning up some Jungles in Indonesia.

Who cares which company burn the jungle - stop it-lah. International Laws permits one country to demand another country to stop damage to the complaining country. Act on it-lah Kerajaan Malaysia.

Whilst the Indonesians are pissed off with Malaysia over some love affair between a prince and some young chick; that country continues to allow their jungles to burn and cause the haze here. 

I fear for our Malaysians who have young children who will inhale this air. I fear for our friends with asthma  who may suffer through this. But what is our Kerajaan Malaysia doing? Oh, how can I even ask - they want to create a 'Unity Government' with PAS. The 'Unity' is so important that the people's health is secondary. 

And it is remarkable that PAS is even talking to UMNO, the very party they despise and attack as infidel. But I suppose no matter how pious one claim to be, put some prospect of power and money in front of him, suddenly an ugly duckling becomes the hottest chick in town. 

In the meantime - who will clear this haze??

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Monday, 8 June 2009

RWL Phuket retreat

The firm decided to take a short break and are on a retreat to Phuket. We needed the break, and a chance for us to get out thoughts together. It's been 6 months since Sunil's firm and my firm merged; and Karen has been part of the Firm since April. It's been challenging as work can and should be better. 

In any event, the retreat is so far, so good.  

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Collapse here, Collapse there

First the Jaya Supermarket disaster, now the KT Stadium disaster. 

And typical of the Malaysian Government, it is EVERYONE's fault, but never the Government. In the case of the KT stadium, the Government appoint the Contactors, the Government approve the project, hell; the Government also pays for the constructions too. So how, tell me how can the Government NOT be responsible??

I am so glad that no football was going on when the KT Stadium collapsed. We already lost 7 lives in the Jaya Supermarket Disaster, it would really be a disaster if the KT Stadium roof gave way during the M-League games. 

How can a Stadium worth RM300 million be so poorly built? Do you know what you can do with RM300 million? Let's see. If each low cost house costs RM50,000 per house, RM300 million can build 6,000 homes. If a motorcycle costs around RM5,000 per bike, RM300 million can buy 60,000 bikes, enough to be distributed to all poorer Malaysians. 

But, we used that money to build 1 stadium. 

The people on the street (like me); we are not stupid, we are not blind. We know what happened. Not all RM300 million went towards the building of the stadium itself. That money would have been used for many 'special' costs. In the end, I am pretty certain less than 50% of that money was really really used to build the Stadium. 

Perhaps the next thing which will collapse in this Country would be the Government, and knowing this Government, even if they themselves collapse, the will blame everyone but themselves.