Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Obama

This is an inspiring person. He has given tremendous speeches, made great remarks and showed great courage and intelligence. He also looks like an honest man. 

If the majority of the Americans can see beyond colour and race, I wish the same can be said in Malaysia. UMNO leaders like Syed Albar can say things like Zaid is 'lucky' to be a malay, and UMNO still insist on this 'Ketuanan Melayu' (Malay Supremacy) Rule. We are a country which spoke against the White Supremacy Rules of South Africa during Apartheid. We are a country which got pissed off with Lee Kuan Yew, when the latter said the Malaysian Chinese was sidelined. And the same people from UMNO who spoke out against Apartheid and Kuan Yew, now demands that Zaid Ibrahim apologise because the latter felt that the concept of Malay Supremacy is outdated and only benefit the selected few. 

I will take inspiration from Obama's victory to continue my personal struggle to make this Country of Malaysia a better place to live in, and should I have kids in the future, I want them to know that we did what we could to pass on a good country to them.

Thanks Obama - you are one hell of an inspiration!  

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