Saturday, 8 November 2008

Race will only matter if you make it matter

This was my reply to the report in The Star, picked up by the Malaysian Bar Website. Please see this link:-

Dr Chua,

This issue of race will only matter if you make it matter. The UMNO agenda of separating the malays from the rest of the country and then continuing to implant the thoughts of supremacy and protectionism will hurt this country. I speak for myself, though I am conscious of the fact that I am not alone, that many non-malays in Malaysia accepts the special position of the Malay people in our country. That is in the Constitution.

However that special position in the Constitution does not equate to supremacy nor does it give validation to UMNO's constant bullying of the non-malays.  

I wish to remind the people who waves the card of history on us, and claim privilege and protection from that so-called historical fact as if it is inscribe in stone, to get your history right. I wish to also remind those who talks about the Social Contract that was supposedly agreed to in 1957, that this so-called contract was a re-action of the Malayan Union, which proposed an equal Malaya back in 1946.

The Constitution was designed to protect the Sultanate in Malaya, the Malay Language, and Islam in Malaya. It was NEVER a ticket to bully and belittle non-malays. It was NEVER a creation of Supremacy of a race.

Dr Chua - you are now the Deputy President of MCA. Please remind your fellow members of Barisan Nasional, especially those from UMNO that Malaysia abhorred Apartheid in South Africa, and condemned Lee Kuan Yew when he suggested that the non-malays in Malaysia were not given a fair deal in this country; to not subscribe and prescribe this insidious concept of malay supremacy.  

And if UMNO refers to the NEP, please remind them that NEP was designed to help the poor and deserving citizens of Malaysia and not just the malays.

So, back to your point here, you have the power and authority to effect change and educate the Malaysian to see beyond the colour of our skin. If you do not take up this responsibility, then I will say, that you and your colleagues who asked us to vote you either in the General Election or at your internal MCA elections; have failed.  

Thank you.  

richard wee

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Richard Wee said...

Please see this interview between The Star and TAN Sri Dr Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman. The interview confirms what I had said - There is no such thing as a supreme race, and the phrase Ketuanan melayu is abused and twisted by UMNO to fit their agenda.