Saturday, 29 November 2008

Fight, Fight, Fight

The Mumbai terror attack caused the death of over 22 innocent foreigners and scores of local Indians. 

In Thailand, Airports are closed and Parliament is stopped in Session.

US today have the Black Friday where major discounts are offered all over. But every year someone is killed during the shopping. Yes -  killed during shopping. Already news is out that a worker at Walmart in New York was killed by stampede. 

Of course in Malaysia we have our own interesting news - No Yoga chanting allowed. But it is a Muslim order, so I am not gonna be bothered about it. 

Last week Razak Baginda was released, and the first thing he did, he announced that Najib has never met Altantuya. I wonder how Razak know that? For someone to say one never met the other, the one who said it, but always be with that person all the time. Was Razak hanging around Najib all the time? And his life was in such a mess and he could have been found guilty, but the 1st thing he did, after acquittal was to hold a press conference to 'clear' Najib's name.  

I am however sad about the deaths of the people in Mumbai. I am aware people die everyday all over the world, but to have one's life taken away by this evil terror, is just unfair and unjust. My prayers go to all the deceased.

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