Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Roger Tan retires as Malaysian Bar Website's Webmaster

There were times that I would visit Roger Tan at his office at Johor Bahru. When he is in KL, we would sometimes meet up for dinner. But everytime I meet him, his mind is not far away from this Website.

He would constantly check his PC or laptops at office and also his Blackberry when outside. He would receive e-mails, Forum postings and Comments from us, the Bar. 

I can see him pondering to either approve the Forum posting/comments or otherwise. Many a times I noted he takes a liberal approach to the approval of the Comments/Postings. He would encourage free speech but he also demands our members to be responsible when exercising this right of free speech.

His son told me before that he sees his father waking up as early as 5am to update the website. There was also once I know he was on a family holiday, but we all continue to enjoy reading this website, as Roger would run over to a nearby Internet Cafe and update this website.

I found this out, when I 'bump' into him online and ask him:-

'Roger, what you doing online? Aren't you on holiday?' . 

His reply (with his typical trademark 'aiyahs'):-

"Aiyah, I have to update the website lah"

So, Roger; thank you. Thank you for making this a superb website that it is. Thank you for making this website the top website for all things news amongst many lawyers. Thank you for your time, effort and energy. 

We should have a dinner to thank you for the 4 years of Webmaster-ing that you have given to the Bar.

richard wee

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