Sunday, 7 December 2008


Another group of people lost their lives at Bukit Antarabangsa. There is just so much development at that Hill. Despite the tragedy of the Highland Towers around 15 years ago, our Local Government continue to approve projects around the Hill.

Accountability of the Local Authority? That will not happen now, after the Federal Court in the Highland Tower case, affirmed that the Local Authority is immune from negligence suits. Basically in short, if the Local Authority is negligent in matters related to housing etc (and I am being general here); they cant be sued. 

Already the Local Authorities is tainted with suspicion of corruption. Mysterious projects are approved, and I sometime hear horror stories from friends about how they have to bribe the officers at relevant Local Authorities in order to get their projects approve. And when the project is approved, and something goes wrong, these corrupt Local Authorities is off scott free. Really, Malaysia Boleh! 

Now at Bukit Antaranbangsa we read of people losing their lives. And the Government's re-actions ?? :-
1. Ban Hill developments (hmmm.. heard of that before)

2. Send the whole cabinet to go visit the Site (when what we need is less people visiting the Site as the police and all needs to dig in to find the missing people)

3. Continuing from No 2 above; make sure ALL local TV zoom into their Ministers when these Ministers go visit the place.

(post script)
4. Blame Pakatan State Goverment of Selangor, even though all the projects at that place were approved by UMNO led via Khir Toyo's former Selangor Government. The Pakatan Government already banned all the Hill Development several months ago. Get your facts right-lah UMNO. How to support BN when it is led by power grabbing, 'me, myself & I' party, called UMNO. Get rid of UMNO, and maybe BN will be better.  

So, there we go again, more people died; and there have been numerous reports of landslides in that area (there was a report in the NST around Nov 14 or 16 about this too) and I can bet you; after this Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy is over, a few years down the road, we will see another condo/housing project on that Hill.  


Steven Lok said...

It's a known fact. The approving authorities are like kings... you have no choice but to treat them as such, bring bags (literally) of cash, take them to massage parlors, hotels, fine dining.. and, hey presto! You got your approval. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

Richard Wee said...

Its the same old story lah Steven. People die they react by declaring all these, and then a few years later, we see another project up.

No accountability at all

Richard Wee said...

From the Malaysian Bar Website Forum :-

The incident at Bukit Antarabangsa is unfortunate. We lost more lives. The government is of course going through their usual 'stop building' orders. We have heard all this before.

I would believe this is a suitable time to revisit that Highland Tower case where the Court confirmed that the Local Authority (LA) cannot be liable (or was it 'cannot be sued') for negligence despite the LA approved the planning and development.

Bar Council must call upon the relevant bodies to revisit the case. Similar to the Boonsoom and Ayer Molek cases, the Highland Tower case is another one which in my view ought to be re-visited and overturned.

My condolences go the people who have lost their dear ones. Let us not allow their loss to be one in vain.