Sunday, 21 December 2008

Paddling with our Heart

The Government announced they wish to sell IJN to Sime Darby. Immediately Najib, after moving to the Finance Ministry makes a baffling decision. How else can you explain why the Government want to sell IJN to a private Company. IJN helps saves lives, including our Mahathir. It is affordable and has world class equipment. For all the money our government spend (sending a man to the Space, building Monuments after Monuments all over the Country etc etc) the least it could do is give the Rakyat what we deserve, a proper medical care. But that is our Government-lah. They continue to make baffling decisions, which looks like it only cares about them. 

Jerit continue to cycle around Malaysia. On Monday, a few of us were at Rawang Police Station till 5am to help the arrested cyclists be released. They were eventually released after much negotiations. 

Now we cant even cycle in Malaysia. The Federal Constitution is clear - we have a right to assemble. The 'subordinate' Act of Parliament - the Police Act is the Act which states that a permit is required in order to have an Assembly. How can a subordinate Act prevail over the Federal Constitution. If the Principle Law guarantees our right to assemble, that right cannot be fettered by a normal Act of Parliament. If the Federal Constitution states that we can assemble, how can the Police Act be used to say that the right to assemble is 'subject' to a permit?

Anyway, if one read the memorandum that Jerit is handing over the Government, it asks for better medical facilities, better education etc etc. What is wrong with that request?

And if BN feels that this request must be done by a 'proper channel'; my question is, wasn't these requests done thru UMNO, MCA, MIC etc etc all these years, and has our medical facilities improved? Has our Schools got better?

Instead, we now have our BN government hawking IJN to Sime Darby.  

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