Wednesday, 13 January 2010

MACC's action takes the Cake

Incredible!! Really incredible!!

I now read on the New Straits Time online that MACC will investigate alleged cake purchases of about RM3900 by Kelantan State Government, via the Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporate. With the corruption at the Army (read : Lost Jet Engine), Police and Khir Toyo bungalow, MACC chose to investigate a cake purchase?

MACC's latest action, truly takes the Cake.

And let's see who complain about this cake issue? Non other than Dato Md Alwi, from UMNO Kelantan. There is no doubt, MACC is UMNO's pet, with a leash tied around the neck of MACC, doing all the dirty work of UMNO.

But, I must thank the UMNO government for forming such a bias and corruptible Commission to assist the people to 'celik mata' and see for themselves the abuse of power by UMNO's government. Thanks Najib, and of cos, Thanks to Pak Lah too, who started the ball rolling.

Now, where should I go buy a cake, feel like having a Chocolate moist.

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