Monday, 11 January 2010

Home Minister = Obtuse

In my earlier posting, I suggested that our current Home Minister is a hypocrite.

Today, I read a report in The Star, where the Home Minister was quoted to say that :-
“So far the attacks have involved stone throwing and arson attempts. There is no serious damage,”

This was his quote after 7 churches (as of 10th January 2010) was attacked by unknown people. It seems for this Home Minister, mere throwing of stones and arson attempts over a place of worship in a country of multiple religious belief, is no serious damage. How many Churches must be attacked before this is deemed serious?

This is the same Home Minister who warned people not to 'cabar the Malay and Islamic rights' in some of his fiery speeches and comments.

But we now have people 'cabar-ing' the Church and not just 'cabar-ing' but actually attacking the church, but our Home Minister feels it is under control.

I do wonder if someone left a bottle of cooking oil outside a mosque, how this Home Minister will re-act?

A Home Minister in Malaysia is suppose to retain and maintain security, but this Home Minister has instead led people to feel unsafe about out country. How to feel safe with such an Obtuse Home Minister?

This Home Minister also called for people to stop accusing UMNO in the same report. He said:-

"Over the past two or three days, we are tested yet again when certain quarters have taken advantage to point fingers at Umno and the government by suggesting that we are behind the religious incitement. Such allegations are baseless. These people have nothing better to do but to point fingers at others"

But if one look at the Facebook page of a group calling itself "MENENTANG PENGUNAAN NAMA ALLAH OLEH GOLONGAN BUKAN ISLAM", that Group is filled with people having allegiance to UMNO. It is also very clear that all this whilst, only UMNO have been harping this issue. The ban of the name 'Allah' was by a Minister from UMNO, protests by way of memorandum is by UMNO and now the facebook group is filled with UMNO. So, what would one expect, when UMNO is always linked to this 'anti-usage-of-Allah' action?

For me, I have concluded for a while already, and the conduct and statements of our Home Minister only reaffirms what I feel about him - an Obtuse man.

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kopitelp16 said...

We have Hypocrites as ministers and the two cousins are doing a real 'good job'.....

Maybe this is to divert our attn from the stolen jet engines. The engines are burning Najib's a$$!