Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Hypocrite called Home Minister

Our Home Minister MUST be the biggest hypocrite in the world. This is the same Home Ministry which condemns HINDRAF, and went as far as to make that movement illegal.

This same Home Ministry, through its proxy called 'The Royal Malaysian Police" would disallow peaceful rallies like Anti ISA and Bersih. The Police would arrest people holding candles, and also arrest Journalists and Opposition Leaders under ISA 'for their own protection'.

I remember more than once the Home Minister who would condemn rallies and decry the assembly of Malaysian.

But I now read that the Home Minister say its ok for some people to protest after this Friday's Muslim prayers, to protest against the recent Court decision about 'Allah'. Suddenly all the excuses and reasons for not allowing and condemning rallies are now out the window.

For me, this is an obvious attempt by the UMNO Government to use government powers to amplify and instigate division amongst the people. Instead of attempting to make people live peacefully, this Government now advocates division, separation and fanaticism.

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