Saturday, 29 August 2009

When all else fail, Cut the Cow Head and Stomp on it

News on Malaysian Insider showed a group on Malay residents in Section 23 Shah Alam protesting at the Selangor State Government office, after the State Government's decision to re-locate an Indian Temple to that area.

There you have it, the extremist amongst us, Malaysians. This is Mahathir Mohamad's good work. His 22 years saw him dividing the country by allowing, propagating & sometimes even inciting racial hatred amongst Malaysians. We now have a group of Malaysians, who insults another Malaysian purely because of the religion of that person.

I dont see this as an issue of a Cow's Head being stomped. I dont see this as a protest. I see this as the epitome of all things wrong in Malaysia. The typical racist taunts by a certain group of Malaysians. I can only imagine what would happen if a Indian or Chinese-majority residential group protest the building of a mosque; by (for example) burning a copy of a Quran. All hell would likely break lose.

In another report, Najib and Khairy is suddenly condemning this, calling the IGP to investigate. Hello Mr Najib, Hello Mr Khairy, see what your predecessor has done. See what your current Government continue to propagate. You have people like former MP Jerai, Badruddin who infamously in Parliament told all non Muslims to get out of Malaysia if the non Muslims dont like it here. The man with roots from India Ahmad Ismail calling all Chinese 'pendatang' and therefore should be treated 2nd class in Malaysia.

Everyone has obviously forgotten the UMNO 2006 General Assembly which was shown 'live' on ASTRO, where the UMNO delegates had a glee time doing a chinese-bashing.

Sometimes I feel as if some communities in Malaysia is so defensive, so worried and so scared about their race. All they think about is their race and religion. There is no out reaching thinking, no far thoughts, no progressive minds.

It does not help that UMNO and to a large extent, PAS; who continue to harp on this difference to win votes.

At the end of the day, our race is just that, race. 'Race' is a concept to explain the difference of colour skin and culture of people.

At the end of the day, religion is just that, religion. 'Religion' is a believe that people prescribe to. It is just that, a believe.

What must always matter is; Our survival as a community. Our progression as a Society. Our growth as a Country.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Malaysia Learn To Rock?

Cane? No, dont cane? Postpone the caning? Appeal against the caning? Please dont cane? Caning is cruel! Dont have the expertise to cane! Public caning, please!?

These are just some words which Kartika's case have raised. The laws of Islam in Pahang allows the Court to impose the punishment of caning if a muslim is caught consuming alcohol.

That is the law, albeit in the Islamic sense. I suppose we have little choice but to accept it, unless this law is declared invalid or unenforceable. Until such time, that is the law related to consuming of alcohol for muslims.

On the other hand, the non-muslims cannot be charged merely for consuming alcohol.

There is the anomaly of this country, created & propounded by Mahathir Mohamad. His quest to out-Islam PAS in the late 80s till the end of his regime, has seen the growth of hard-core fundamentalist muslims in Malaysia. We now live in a Malaysia which is severely divided in every sense, and will continue to be divided so long as UMNO is in power.

The additional concern is PAS. Now that they have tasted some power in Kedah and Selangor, what have they done? We can see some of their 'work':-
1. Ban alcohol in Shah Alam;
2. Tore down an abattoir in Kedah;
3. Revolt against Michael Learns To Rock, and all Western Singer Concerts;
4. Insist that Kartika must be caned and caned fast, etc etc;

At this juncture, politically, the non-Muslims are screwed. We have 2 choices:-
1. UMNO - the ever corrupt and power hunger and will-say-anything-to-stay-in-power party, or
2. PAS - the-I-dont-care-I-am-Muslim-I-want-to-impose-this-rule-against-you-party.

There is no guarantee that PAS will not impose this rules against non-Muslims. What can a non-muslim in Malaysia do?

I have said before that PAKATAN is the better alternative to BN, not the best alternative, but the better one. But PAS is the party which has constantly raised issues which are of worry. PAKATAN may not be the better option after all.

The strange thing is this - PAS in Kelantan is fairly decent. Whenever I travel back to Tumpat/Kota Bahru, my relatives tell me of their comfort with the PAS government. It seems PAS there hardly intrude into the live of the non-Muslim. So for all the public image of Nik Aziz being some Islamic tyrant, Kelantan is pretty cool.

So what is happening in Selangor PAS? Kedah PAS?

Is there some major political struggle going on in PAS in those 2 states?

I feel eventually PAKATAN may lose the support it currently have among the non-Muslims, if PAS goes on like this. Will PKR be able to tame PAS? I am not sure. But at the rate things are going, I think its time to form a 3rd party, maybe a Malaysian Liberal Party. Or a Malaysian's People's Party? A party which will not be held back by its past, but formed for the future of Malaysia.

Whatever it is, if UMNO dont sort out it's bully-image, or PAS continue this ultra-Islam image, the non-muslims may just be too fed up to bother and either dont get involved in the country, leaving it a one sided administration; or worst, we see an exodus of non-muslims, leaving to a better, more logically managed country.

In the meantime, anyone interested to see Michael learning to rock in Genting?

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Why no girlfriend?; Are you gay?

I have been blessed with many good friends. Somehow, along the way, whenever I find myself in a situation of grave concern, someone, somewhere offers a hand.

I cherish all my friends. Whenever I can, I offer my help. I take friendship very seriously and will do my best not to let my friends down. 

For a while, after what happen back in 1997, it was difficult to trust again; but some friends rallied around me, and that really helped. Since then, there have still been times when I am disappointed and let-down by a few friends but I suppose it is not fair to always expect people to be honest with you and be frank with you all the time. But I do not allow some unfortunate incidents with some friends to taint the good people I know.

So whenever friends ask me questions, I tried to answer as truthfully and correctly, but some questions are a little more difficult to answer. 

Last night, I was asked THAT question again; 'Richard, why no girlfriend?', 'Are you gay?'.

I find the 2nd question hilarious as it shows the mindset of people that if a man is single for a long time, he must be gay. How wrong!

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong if one is gay. Secondly, if I am single and not seeing anyone, it does NOT equate to homosexuality. 

But for me, I have been unlucky in issues of the heart. I have always said, that issues of the heart, is hard to legislate. You meet someone, you like her, you disclose to her how you feel, and then bang - she tells you 'no'. So, you recluse yourself and recover, before you move on.

It has (unfortunately) happen to me a few times already, where I meet a lady whom I feel is the one, but she said 'no'. Apa boleh buat, I am not good enough for that girl.

Anyway, I dont normally blog about this. But for some strange reason, in the last 2-3 weeks, more people have asked me those questions, so I thought I should just clarify that here in this Blog. 

"Nope, I am not gay." 

Have a good week ahead!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hishamuddin loves ISA?

Home Minister recently warned the people of demanding to abolish ISA. In the report in Malaysian Insider, he was quoted to say:-

"Even the United States already has its Patriotic Act, the United Kingdom the Anti-Terrorism Act, and in Melbourne (Australia) recently five Somalian terrorists were caught.

"(But) some of us have chosen to waste time in the streets protesting the ISA. Other countries, meanwhile, are trying to strengthen their relevant laws (to deal with security threats), but we already have a specific law to deal with the problem.

"Janganlah kerana marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar (don't burn the whole mosquito net because the mosquitoes annoy you),"

I wish to ask him the followings:-
1. What is "Patriotic Act"? Isn't it Patriot Act? Perhaps being a MINISTER, what more a HOME MINISTER, perhaps he should check his facts and get his names right before he opens his mouth. But maybe because he was at UMNO function, by symbiosis the air of obtusity overwhelmed him. It is common to say incorrect somewhat obtuse statement when surrounded by UMNO people.

2. Perhaps he can explain how the Journalist arrested last year under ISA, was a 'national threat'? If he can give me a credible, intelligent and acceptable answer, then I may withdraw my support for the abolishment of ISA. 

3. As for the 'nyamuk' and 'kelambu' example, my query is - Is he referring to himself as the 'nyamuk', cause it is quite apt actually?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Utusan Malaysia Journalist - Obtuse?

I once blogged about how Obtuse Ibrahim Ali & Zulkifli Nordin were. But today, this Utusan Malaysia journalist takes the cake. 

The Journalist was the Prosecution first witness in a Sedition charge against Karpal Singh. Karpal had, during the Perak fiasco in February, made a statement that the Sultan of Perak had acted ultra vires the Perak Constitution. Apparently, this Utusan Malaysia journalist thought Karpal had insulted the Sultan when Karpal used the word 'Ultra Vires'.

In the Malaysian Insider report, the Journalist by the name of Mohd Nizam Bin Mohd Yatim was quoted to say these:- 

"Mohd Nizam: “Although the orders have been confirmed by the Sultan. If the decision is ultra vires then the decision can be adjudicated by the court.”

Jagdeep then asked Nizam to explain what ultra vires means to the court.

Nizam looking confused and replied: “To insult.”

Jagdeep then told Mohd Nizam that his misunderstanding of the word had caused chaos in the country because the word actually means “beyond the powers”."

What a brilliant answer. Ultra Vires is a latin phrase to mean acting beyond the power given. But this 'hero' from Utusan Malaysia thought that phrase means to insult.

If he is the Prosecution's first witness (and strongest witness?) then I wonder what kind of investigation did the Police and AG did before they initiated this Suit.

So there we have it, the top Malay language paper in Malaysia, having a journalist who cant even understand a simple Latin phrase used in daily legal work. The 'champion' fellow could have just picked up a phone and asked one of the lawyers, and the lawyer would have probably given him the correct definition to that phrase.

So we have Karpal facing charges for Sedition because this hero of a journalist from Utusan Malaysia, thought Karpal was insulting Sultan Perak with that Ultra Vires. 

But, what do you expect from an Obtuse newspaper like Utusan? Of course, the answer is simple - equally Obtuse Journalist. 

Monday, 10 August 2009

And let the Games begin..

When I was watching the Community Shield match on Sunday 9th August 2009, I wished Everton was involved. For that to happen, it would have meant Everton had to win the FA Cup final back in May. Unfortunately that 2-1 defeat to Chelsea meant the team in blue was not Everton, but Chelsea instead.


We ended last season feeling a little low after that FA Cup defeat; and the summer has not been exciting either. Everton has been quiet in the transfer front again. Just like last season, David Moyes have not brought in many quality players, except for Jo on loan from Manchester City. City on the other hand, is buying every person who can kick a ball. With the wealth they have, it is unsurprising that they flex their muscle to buy players.


But I must caution Manchester City fan out there that history have shown clubs on a spending spree, have not necessarily done well. When West Ham were buying Scott Parker, Kieron Dyer etc a few years ago, many thought that West Ham would be the team to beat. But they did not do well and now have lost their billionaire owner. Newcastle too, a few years ago bought almost an entire new team (Duff, Emre, Scott Parker etc) but they sunk (sorry for the pun) badly. Spurs too will buy buy buy every year, but they then go bye bye bye to the race for Top 4. Maybe this season Spurs will finally rise again.


People tend to forget too that Chelsea did not immediately win trophies when Roman bought them. Before the Special One went to Chelsea, they did well, but fell short of winning Cups. After 2 years of Roman power; they started to win under Mourinho.


So, money does not guarantee success. Teams must build itself, and once built, the Team must sustain itself. Teams who soar too fast, can easily fall. I have the believe that Everton has that kind of team. A team of motley crew with a few talented players who plays at a 110% capacity every game.


Of course, I wished Everton would have that kind of money like Man City too, but I suppose we are just not lucky enough to attract investors. Till then, we just have to make do with what we have, and hope we do well.


Just like early last season, I am hoping we can break into the Top 4. Nothing against Arsenal, but I think Everton can overtake them for that spot. Once Arteta, Yakubu and Jagielka returns, it would be like new signings for Everton. We should be able to hold our ground and target that lofty position.


In the meantime, Mr David Moyes, please buy a few more quality player. Rafael Van De Vart perhaps?



Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Teoh Beng Hock - Inquest Day 2

Day 2 started at around 9.15 am. Six (6) witnesses were called. They were witnesses who discovered TBH's body. 

Some interesting testimonies though. PW5, a Security Guard at Plaza Masalam, who was on duty from 12 midnight to 4.00 am on 16th July 2009; agreed to our Malaysian Bar's lawyer's (Cheow Wee) query that there was more MACC officers who were coming in and out that night, then other nights. 

PW 6 also informed that he cant recall seeing the 'Timbalan Pengarah' of MACC at Plaza Masalam at 6.26am before. A still photo taken from the Plaza Masalam CCTV showed the Timbalan Pengarah leaving Plaza Masalam at 6.26am.

The Inquests continues tomorrow at 9.00 am with 3 Chemists from the Chemists Department; to be called as witnesses.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Nicol David - The GOAT?

When I say 'GOAT' I am not referring to that farm animal. Its an acronym for 'The Greatest Of All Time'.

Whilst KL was gripped by the Water-Gun-Happy-Police antics, quietly at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara Nicol David won the 5th Malaysian Open Ladies Squash Finals.

I think many Malaysians have totally ignored her prowess and her talent. We only complain about her when she loses; but I feel Malaysia may not realise yet; that we are a citizen of a Country, which has the World's BEST Ladies squash player.

Nicol has been going about her business in winning, quietly and efficiently. Perhaps she excelled because of that. If the Goverment was too involved in her progress, she may not have made it. I recall the Government had sponsored some of the training stints; but as a whole her training and costs have been largely private sector driven. Her family has also been extremely supportive.

It goes to show, when a talented Malaysian is given the proper guidance and support; and if the Malaysian has a strong will; the Malaysian can be the best.

I hope you would take a step back and look at Nicol's achievements. From winning the Junior World Championships; to winning the Malaysian Open and British Open, she is to me, the GOAT of Ladies Squash.

Congratulations on your latest win; and keep in up Nicol!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Civil Disobedience

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Civil Disobedience so long as it is organised properly and orderly. I dont support the PRO-ISA people but if they want to protest, I will support that right to protest.

In Australia and in UK, it is very common for the Police to work together with the Civil Disobedience movement to ensure order and safety. The protestors are normally very calm as they know the Police are around. It is like a give-and-take situation. 'You Let me protest, I will behave'.

In KL today, Police blocked roads indiscriminately and also arrest indiscriminately. They are suppose to work together with the Organisers to see what they can do, and had they done that, they need not cause such massive Jams all over town.

But in Malaysia, if you support the Government, you can have a massive 'Bersama Rakyat" Rally, aka the SEMARAK rallies. UMNO can have rallies and gatherings, but the moment people dont agree with UMNO, they use their cronies like the Police and MACC to abuse the laws and manipulate the system. Where is the fairness? From the selective prosecution of MACC and the lack of respect for the people in the GMI rally today, UMNO's inability to understand the people is clear to see.

Even if the Police is adamant that the people cant protest, they should use their Intelligence gathering skills to know where the protest will be held etc. Instead, despite the existence of SB and Serious Crime teams in the Police, they chose to block all roads in KL causing a Jam. The problem is the Police is too busy collecting monies from karaoke centres instead of collecting intelligence.

In the end, the Jam is caused by the Police and NOT the protestors. The truth is - the Police as part of UMNO's bigger scheme; wants the people to dislikes protests; instead UMNO wants people of Malaysia to be docile, obedient and listen to all they want to say.

Now, UMNO; I dont mind being docile and obedient to a Government if that Government runs the country with the People's interest at heart. If the Government properly use the people's money to help the poor and needy, make medical services easier and cheaper access etc etc; I will follow that Government. Instead, we have Khir Toyo who clearly whacked some money while in power; still free. VK Lingam is still free. 

UMNO - run the country with dignity and with integrity, then maybe, just maybe- the people will support you and stop these protests.

In the meantime, Mr Police - please check Facebook lah, the GMI protest plans are all over there; You can plan your traffic Blocks using that info, not just block the Federal Highway and all. Maybe we should just sack the IGP, if he cant even figure something so simple out.