Sunday, 25 October 2009

Malaysian Comedic Association

MCA should just change its name from Malaysian Chinese Association to Malaysian Comedic Association.

How else you explain these:-

1. A man lost a Vote of No-Confidence (VNC), where he said it himself he will resign if he loses, but yet he stayed on. Then we have his supporters coming up with incredibly incredulous argument to support why he must stay on despite losing the VNC. I hope to one day see a World Cup Final game where the loser refuses to give up the trophy to the winner. The loser can always quote this MCA precedent. I dont even want to imagine if Parliament ever put a VNC against the Prime Minister (& loses) and we see the PM using this MCA case as precedent to stay on despite losing a VNC.

2. Then after a huge EGM on a so-call auspicious date of 10.10.09, big fight and all; the 2 fighting guys kissed and made up. What a joke?!

I actually dont really care much for MCA as I feel it is irrelevant to Malaysians, particularly to the Chinese. They have so few seats in Parliament, I dont even understand how they have any moral ground to claim to represent the Malaysian chinese. Though I always advocate politics along issues and not race, but if a party want to claim to represent a race, that party should at least have some say in PArliament.

But why am I writing about MCA here - it is the issue of example. The Malays have a phrase called 'Teladan' which is a word use to explain using an example as a guide. This MCA fiasco has created an unwanted 'teladan' of people losing a VNC and yet want to stay on, clearly defying the very essence of democracy and the sanctity of the power of a vote. If a President cant even respect that vote and instead cried wolf over some '3rd force', how is he going to make hard decisions which affects the People's welfare.

These kind of irresponsible conduct rubs off the people. Malaysians will have an additional reason to believe that in our country, it is ok to not have honour, it is ok to not have respect for democracy.

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