Sunday, 11 October 2009

The enigma of democracy

The last 48 hours in Malaysia saw the power of democracy. At MCA's EGM on the 10th October 2009, Ong Tee Keat was knocked out by the no-confidence motion; but Chua Soi Lek was not reinstated as Deputy (though re-admitted as member).

Just a few hours ago, Mr money-politic Mohd Isa Samad won the Bagan Pinang by-election by a landslide. The people there have spoken. The people at Bagan Pinang wants development (ie money in their own pocket) without bothering the fact that the man they elected is a proven corrupt man. I must now say, (and I dont say with venom or anger; but with gentle assertion) - that unfortunately the people of Bagan Pinang has lost the moral authority to question the corrupt practices prevailant in Malaysia, particularly at that constituency. They have lost the moral right to question the Police Officer who would demand some 'coffee-money'. They have lost the moral right to demand a non-corrupt Land Office.

I suppose we deserve the Government we get. Despite the clear corrupt conduct of Isa Samad, he won. Pakatan Rakyat would have to study the situation and understand why they lost badly. But in fairness, this was a UMNO seat to lose, though the higher majority won by UMNO has raised some eyebrows.

If we look at the UMNO machinery, Najib announced Port Dickson located at Bagan Pinang constituency as an 'Army City' with incentive etc. Muhyiddin announced a new land for an Indian School. Najib attends Makkal Sakti Party inaugural Assembly. There was the usual promises of development etc, but the combination of Isa's selection & Najib's movement with the Indian community swung the votes to UMNO.

Pakatan's perceive in-fighting is not helping. PAS Selangor's antics in recent weeks have helped fueled talks that all in not well in Pakatan.

As for MCA, they are in deep waters. The members have ripped apart the party which in my view will take many years to recover. Perhaps MCA should just leave BN and join Pakatan, that would give them a little more credence with the Chinese community. But one must respect the courage of the MCA members to take this step and rid the party of 2 fighting men. They now have chance to start again, though (as mentioned earlier) I think will take some time before it gets back on their feet again.

We cant really complain about Bagan Pinang's decision to revive a corrupt man's political career, as even the Americans were dumb enough to vote in George Bush for the 2nd term despite him clearly lying to the Americans. Whilst I dont think the American are any better than us; but if the self-proclaimed world's-best-democracy can vote a man who lied, I suppose it's ok to vote in a corrupt man.

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