Thursday, 22 October 2009

If we are going to screw this country up, why not start at school?

The title of this topic and what I am about to write, may not sound connected at all, but I humbly request that you give me a opportunity to first state some issues and then explain why I call this article, what I called it. Thank you.

Today, the 22nd day of October in this year of 2009; whilst we were absorbed into reading the news about MCA's attempt to resolve it's internal fights, 2 major news were overshadowed by that MCA story. First, the decision of our 1 Public Prosecutor, the Attorney General to close VK Lingam's case despite the proposal of the Royal Commission held after that infamous video came out in the open, is extremely disappointing to say the very least.

Another case is going on in Court. Remember that 2 person from Parti Keadilan in Perak who left that Party and became independent State Assemblymen (ADUN) in February 2009? Well, they were charged for corruption before they left Pakatan, and there was always suspicion that they were enticed to move out of Keadilan due to that case. I have heard for many months of rumours that they will be spared in the Hearing in return of 'supporting' BN. Not sure of that rumour is true.

But today, reports are out where it is obvious that the MACC prosecutor seems to have created reasonable doubt in their own case. Just read the news at this link:-

When I read this, as a lawyer, it seems as if the Prosecutor himself is trying to create reasonable doubt in the Prosecutors own case. It is that blatant.

"You leave Pakatan, we help go easy on you MACC case", I can imagine those kind of words uttered to these 2 former Pakatan ADUN to entice them to leave Pakatan. How else do you explain the shoddy prosecution?

Now, let me come to the title of this article.

I feel sad, sad that our countries is engulfed by immoral people, selfish people and greedy for power people. This system continues to be manipulated and twisted for the benefit of the selected few.

I have some suggestions.

Let's just scrap subjects like tata-rakyat in school.

Stop all those religious classes in school.

Do away with history too.

Just teach all our children how to cheat, manipulate and lie, in school itself.

Just teach our kids that the Law is nothing more than the tool of the powerful and the rich, the immoral and the evil ones in Malaysia.

We can call this new subject; "Tata-BN".

Just teach our kids that there is no need to get degrees and score so many A's. After school, just join UMNO or MCA or MIC depending on the colour of your skin, and quickly learn how to abuse the system and waste all public funds.

Just teach the students that in Malaysia under BN, BN can do whatever they want.

Just teach the kids that the Government of this Country is not bothered about the sanctity and soul of this Country.

Just teach them that in Malaysia; being immoral; is Cool!

I mean, if we are going to screw this country up, why not start at school?

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