Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Save money, change your lifestyle, Buy a Merc

Welcome to the Malaysian way of saving Money. All the Countries in the world should learn from the UMNO led Malaysian Government who has demanded its Malaysian to save money, and live within our means... and yet went out to buy not one, but 14 E-class Mercedes Benz.

And instead of selling these Mercs off, and suffer a small loss, the Cabinet has instructed that the 14 Mercs be used for Guests. 

These Terengganu government is a true people champion. They really want to make sure that they can serve the people in style, by arriving in a Merc. 

Their excuse - The Proton Perdanas were to expensive to maintain. A look at the figures quoted in the Papers will arouse suspicion. How can a Perdana cost more than RM100,000 to maintain??

But our UMNO led government is too thick to understand the people's plight. They have been in power far too long, where abusing public funds is a secondary nature. 

And one wonders if the recent announcement by the Terengganu Istana that the King shall not be giving out any awards, has anything to do with this latest fiasco by the State Government?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Malaysian Medical Science

The world of Medical Science should move their base to Malaysia. The 'scientific' disclosures in the last few weeks have been startling to say the least. Let us see some of the recent revelation:-

1. Our Prime Minister asks Anwar to give a new DNA sample because the sample cannot be used. I am trying to figure out how one's DNA can change? 

2. A man sodomised a few months ago, after medical tests can STILL show that this man was sodomised. Wow! Must have been one hell of a ride for this patient. After so many months, and his ass can still show the Doctors that he was sodomised. 

3. A medical report a few hours before a person lodged a police report that he is sodomised, indicates that there are NO evidence of sodomy... but a few days later, in another medical test, the sodomy 'indications' appear in the 2nd report. 

See... i told you. Malaysia is truly the new centre of medical science

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Debate

That Shaberry Cheek is a fraud. He did not answer direct questions from the floor, and continued to personally attack Anwar. He has justified by saying that he was attacking Anwar's manner of running the Finance back in 1997, and that is not personal attack If that is not a personal attack, I dont what is that lah?

But Shaberry is classic UMNO politician - not smart, not sharp and at best, an average joe.

He was aked about what the Government has done when they first increased the petrol price in 2005/06? The Government then claimed that they will use the savings from the subsidy not spent on petrol on building roads and improving the transport system. What was done since? I dont see anything and definately have not enjoyed any new and better public transport in KL.

Now we have the petrol shooting up to RM2.70 per litre. So we save more subsidy now... what are we doing with that subsidy money?

Answer that lah, Shaberry. Only in Malaysia can we see, the appointment of half past six people as Minister.

Anwar v UMNO

The political fight between UMNO and Anwar will only destroy the Country. But what can we do? We have allowed one party to stay in force for too long, to the point this people will do anything including re-surrecting this sodomy charges against Anwar, in order to stay in power.

UMNO is filled with greedy and self serving people a the top end of it's hierachy. For a long time, Malaysia has allowed business to mix with politics, and what do we get now? A concoction of poorly managed Corporations filled with self serving people. The Corporate members are from BN, mostly from UMNO. Can we get rid of these people?

UMNO breeds mediocracy. They have fashioned a country where it is OK to be average. And that attitude is now deeply entrenched in the Government. Public Service is poor and our Tax money is wasted on incompetent and lazy Staff.

Why ramble about all this, you may say? Well, what can Anwar do even if he takes over? UMNO has the Corporates in their pocket. The Public servant is an exact reflection of UMNO's average base system.

Hope is the only thing we have for this Country. Hope that we can get out of the clutches of mediocre self serving politicians to politicans who actually work and serve the Country. I am hoping...

Monday, 7 July 2008

Messrs Richard Wee

On 1st July 2008, I left my former partnership and started a new firm, Messrs Richard Wee. New office is at No 70, Jalan Sri Hartamas 18, Sri Hartamas, KL.

As in any new office, many things still to sort out. Particularly irritating is the streamyx. Horrible and ineffective service from Telekom. The technician came to set up the Streamyx since 2nd July and till today, its still not up. Calls to Telekom ... fell on deaf ears.

As I did set up my own firm before in 2003, this 2nd venture is not new, though the excitement and the adrenalin of beginning another set-up is still high.

see my other Blog, where I archive some of my earlier articles. Will be placing more articles there once I finished them-lah.


No new signings??

Till now, still no new signings for Everton. We need a defensive midfielder and probably another winger and striker.

Please buy some players lah, David Moyes